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Microsoft Flow allows us to connect and automate two disparate systems. And, the best part of Microsoft Flow is that both the systems need not be from Microsoft’s umbrella. via Pocket
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5 days ago by TobiwanKenobi
Create a Site Structure using PowerShell – FromTheField
This time I was working with a customer who needed to create a Site Collection for their HR department with a large number of Sub-Sites (one for each team within the department), each Sub-Site required unique permissions. Rather than spending an hour doing this through the UI I put together a script to automate this.
PowerShell  SharePoint 
6 days ago by dremillard
Create the default groups via PowerShell – Blog – René Hézser
If your site is missing the three default groups “Visitors”, “Members” and “Owners”, you can create them easily with PowerShell or the Object Model.
SharePoint  PowerShell 
7 days ago by dremillard
How to create/recreate default SharePoint groups for a site – Anatol’s blog
you will find the best way of doing it - using the direct URL: <siteURL>/_layouts/permsetup.aspx (in the KB article:
7 days ago by dremillard
Email Parser made easy by Parserr
SAAS email parser that can connect to SharePoint.
Email  SharePoint  Integration 
11 days ago by dremillard

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