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Massachusetts House to vote on sexual harassment policy changes |
Amendments that will be considered include barring the House from requiring a complainant to sign a nondisclosure agreement, requiring a House member to reimburse the House for any financial settlement
Sexualharrassment  nondisclosures 
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Vermont House OKs bill to combat sexual harassment
Under the measure, employers will be required to provide anti-harassment policies with new hires encourages annual employee training.

Companies will also be forbidden from using contract clauses that aim to silence employees who report harassment or who are called as witnesses.
Sexualharrassment  nondisclosures 
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Weinstein Co. reaches deal to sell assets to former Obama administration official - The Washington Post
“provides a clear path for compensation for victims and protects the jobs of our employees,” the film studio said in a statement.

She plans to create a majority-female board of directors, salvage about 150 jobs and protect the small businesses owed money by the Weinstein Co. A compensation fund would supplement existing insurance coverage for victims.
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