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Christine Blasey Ford, Brett Kavanaugh forcing sexual assault reckoning
Kirsten Powers, Opinion columnist Published 4:00 a.m. ET Oct. 2, 2018
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14 days ago by jerryking
No prison time for ex-Houston doctor who raped heavily sedated patient
A former Texas doctor who raped a heavily sedated patient won't serve prison time after he was found guilty of the crime Thursday.

Shafeeq Sheikh, a former Baylor College of Medicine physician, was sentenced to 10 years' probation Friday, and he must now register as a sex offender.

Jurors recommended the sentencing, which visiting Senior District Judge Terry L. Flenniken was required to follow by law, according to the Houston Chronicle.

In 2013, a woman, identified in local media as Laura, checked into Ben Taub Hospital in Houston. She was being treated for shortness of breath and wheezing; she was kept overnight and sedated.

Police said Dr. Shafeeq Sheikh went into her room several times through the night and sexually assaulted her.
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15 days ago by Quercki
Tarana Burke Reflects on #MeToo’s Resurgence One Year Later – Variety
All of the shouting and headlines about who #MeToo is going to take down next creates a kind of careless perception that invalidates the experiences of survivors who risk everything coming forward, whether it’s telling their stories, sharing a hashtag or being transparent and vulnerable about some of the worst things that have happened in their lives.

The din of naysayers has, in many regards, severely overshadowed the beauty of what has happened this year. It has been a year of great liberation and empowerment. Every day I meet people who have moved from victim to survivor by simply adding their own “Me too” to the chorus of voices. They have freed themselves from the burden that holding on to these traumas often creates and stepped into the power of release, the power of empathy and the power of truth. They have looked their demons in the face and lived to see another day, and they have become the empirical proof that we can win the fight to end sexual violence.

Moving into 2019, some concrete things must happen in order to build on the momentum we have gained in the last year, starting with changing how we talk about the #MeToo movement. This is a survivors’ movement created for and by those of us who have endured sexual violence. The goal is to provide a mechanism to support survivors and move people to action. Any other characterization severely handicaps our ability to move the work forward.
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21 days ago by Quercki
Brett Kavanaugh 'sexual assault victim' speaks out - BBC News
A woman who alleged she was sexually assaulted by US President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, has identified herself.

Christine Blasey Ford told the Washington Post Mr Kavanaugh had pinned her to a bed and tried to undress her when they were both teenagers.

Mr Kavanaugh denied the allegations when they first surfaced last week.

The top members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are now expected to speak to both Mr Kavanaugh and Mrs Ford.

A spokesperson for Senator Chuck Grassley, t
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4 weeks ago by Quercki

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