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How to use procedures to increase security in MySQL | Official Pythian® Blog
What happens in Procedures stays in Procedures

One interesting feature of procedures, functions, and views is SECURITY CONTEXT. There are two security contexts: INVOKER and DEFINER. A procedure created with the invoker security context will be executed using the privileges of the invoker account. But the default security context is definer. A procedure created with the definer security context will be executed with the privileges of the definer at execution time.

Actually, during the execution of a procedure created using the definer security context, the processlist table and show processlist command will display the definer in the user column instead of the connected user.

This means that using procedures is really a great way to raise the permissions and execute privileged code. The privileges remain restricted to the code within the procedure.
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Google Cloud Platform Blog: Exploring container security: Running a tight ship with Kubernetes Engine 1.10
Exploring container security: Running a tight ship with Kubernetes Engine 1.10 - Added April 29, 2018 at 07:01PM
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Your Node.js authentication tutorial is (probably) wrong
TL;DR don't do authentication yourself

[[Update (May 27 2018): This post still gets a lot of views, but this post is now months old and may contain obsolete information. I have since resigned myself from trying to harden the Node ecosystem; it is throwing cups of water on a wildfire. Ecosystem growth is prioritized over security

Passport is simply authentication middleware, and does not handle any of the other parts of authentication for you: that means the Node.js developer is likely to roll their own API token mechanisms, password reset token mechanisms, user authentication routes and endpoints, and views in whatever templating language is the rage today. Because of this, there are a lot of tutorials that specialize in setting up Passport for your Express.js application, and nearly all of them are wrong in some way or another, and none properly implement the full stack necessary for a working web application.

There are a thousand ways to fuck this up.]]
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