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Collaborate on a user story by working on it concurrently.
Have the designers on your team ever struggled with what they should do early in a sprint before the programmers have finished coding a user story?

And have the programmers ever wondered what they should do near the end of the sprint while the designers are verifying the implemented code? Are they tempted, perhaps, to start on the next user story even though it can’t be finished in the sprint?
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4 days ago by pjohnkeane
It's one big argument for cyclical project management, whatever label you put on it. , or…
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7 days ago by gijswijs - Free Tools and Resources
Bunch of tools for analysing agile data and forecasting/planning releases off the back of it.
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8 days ago by pjohnkeane
Untitled (
RT : "Why It Is So Hard To Sell Extreme Programming?" ... I've often wondered this.
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8 days ago by pavsaund
Software Development Methods Explained With Cars (Infographic)
An epic visual guide into how software development agencies work, and what kind of problems they face daily.
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11 days ago by dberesford

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