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User Stories - YouTube
Mike Cohn talks user stories at the Norwegian Developers Conference June 6, 2012.
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2 days ago by activescott
Full Comparison: Agile vs Scrum vs Waterfall vs Kanban
Scrum is a subset of Agile and one of the most popular process frameworks for implementing Agile. It is an iterative software development model used to manage complex software and product development. Fixed-length iterations, called sprints lasting one to two weeks long, allow the team to ship software on a regular cadence. At the end of each sprint, stakeholders and team members meet to plan next steps. 
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3 days ago by 44sunsets
Developers Should Abandon Agile
learn to work this way:

Produce running, tested, working, integrated software every two weeks, every week. Build your skills until you can create a new fully operational version every day, twice a day, multiple times a day.
Keep the design of that software clean. As it grows, the design will tend to become complex and crufty. Resist and reverse this tendency consciously, refactoring in tiny continuous steps, all the time, so that your rate of progress is as steady and consistent as possible.
Use the current increment of software as the foundation for all your conversations with your product leadership and management. Speak in terms of what’s ready to go, and in terms of what they’d like you to do next.

This is the development team’s best hope for a reasonable life. By keeping the software always ready to go, we can hit any deadline with the best possible result. “Is today the deadline? Here’s what we’ve got, it’s ready to ship.”
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10 days ago by photoangell
Breaking News:  I will be giving a CSM course in Timisoara in July.  Details and registration at
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