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Definition of Done
"If you're in the business of application development, you've asked that question before. So what is the definition of done? When asking the question, it's important to note who you are and your level in the organization. Delivery teams, program teams, and portfolio teams define done differently."
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2 days ago by garrettc
Clarity in the backlog
"Just as a "definition of done" is used to create alignment across a delivery team on what it means to be done with a backlog item, the "definition of ready" provides clarity to a product owner or product owner team on what it means to create ready backlog items."
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2 days ago by garrettc
Definition of done examples for software projects
"Definition of done is crucial to an agile team. Here you will find excellent definition of done examples which you could use for your next software project."
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2 days ago by garrettc
Dashboards for Scrum and Kanban teams using Trello | Corrello
Dashboards for agile teams using Trello with Burndown charts, Cumulative flow diagrams, Cycle time stats and more. Join our 14 free trial today
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5 days ago by kensnyder
Plan —> Forecast
Resources —> Teams
Push —> Pull
Reqmnts —> Expmnts
Projects —> Initiatives
Dates —> CostOfDelay
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6 days ago by rhaley

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