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Mike Cohn - Five Scary Things About Adopting Agile
Agile guru Mike Cohn on five common misconceptions, and what he's really seen in organizations making a transition from non-Agile to Agile.
From team members:
- Eeek! Agile Has No Design Phase!
- Help! I'll Become a Generalist.
For managers:
- Oh No! We Can’t Plan or Predict Dates!
- Yikes! I Won't Have a Job!
- Zoinks! Scrum Has Too Many Meetings!
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4 days ago by jflorablack
Mike Cohn - Don’t Estimate the Sprint Backlog Using Task Points
Story Points are used for the whole user story, with several people collaborating at once.
Task Points can be a more granular version of Story Points, BUT there's no need to use Task points when you have Hours.
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4 days ago by jflorablack
Involving the stakeholders during the sprint |
Good discussion thread about figuring out how to bring SME's and stakeholders in, to groom the backlog and plan for the next sprint.
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4 days ago by myankelovich
Overview - Large Scale Scrum (LeSS)
Scaling Scrum starts with understanding standard one-team Scrum. From that point, your organization must be able to understand and adopt LeSS, which requires examining the purpose of one-team Scrum elements and figuring out how to reach the same purpose while staying within the constraints of the standard Scrum rules.

Agile development with Scrum requires a deep organizational change to become agile. Therefore, neither Scrum nor LeSS should be considered as merely a practice. Rather, they form an organizational design framework.

LeSS provides two different large-scale Scrum frameworks. Most of the scaling elements of LeSS are focused on directing the attention of all of the teams onto the whole product instead of “my part.” Global and “end-to-end” focus are perhaps the dominant problems to solve in scaling. The two frameworks – which are basically single-team Scrum scaled up – are:

LeSS: Up to eight teams (of eight people each).
LeSS Huge: Up to a few thousand people on one product.
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7 days ago by dserodio

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