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Screaming Frog
SEO, Search Engine Marketing & Optimisation Agency
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3 hours ago by hfan
Mercury Web Parser by Postlight
Mercury takes any web article and returns only the relevant content — headline, author, body text, relevant images and more — free from any clutter. It’s reliable, easy-to-use and free.
html  tools  parser  web  scraping 
5 days ago by koencolpaert
niklasb/dryscrape: [not actively maintained] A lightweight Python library that uses Webkit to enable easy scraping of dynamic, Javascript-heavy web pages
[not actively maintained] A lightweight Python library that uses Webkit to enable easy scraping of dynamic, Javascript-heavy web pages - niklasb/dryscrape
scraping  python  architectures-of-choice 
6 days ago by davidbenque
Nick Drane
usage on how to use chrome's new api for page loading. now a node library for the api... new scrapper tools
scraping  node  nodejs  web  puppeteer  lessons  webscraping  crawler  chrome 
9 days ago by mgan

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