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Cassandra Khaw: "Narrative is frightening and staggeringly powerful, and those who control the narrative control what the world sees." | Mithila Review
Meta is fun. On some level, my fascination with the fourth wall is nothing but pure play. I love those instances when I find them so I’m going to work them into my fiction.

On a more esoteric level, I’ve always believed that stories are alive. Stories whisper and hiss, seethe and grow, change as the world’s interpretation of them alter. Why not narratives that reflect that?
story  fiction  storytelling  sciencefiction  writing  narrative  interviews 
3 days ago by allaboutgeorge
Comparing the sizes of fictional buildings from books, movies, TV, and video games / Boing Boing
MetalBallStudios, a YouTube channel that does 3D-rendered, animated size comparisons, has a new video comparing the sizes of buildings and other structures found in science fiction and fantasy media.
worldbuilding  architecture  fantasy  video  scienceFiction 
11 days ago by basemaly
Opinion | I Don’t Want to Be the Strong Female Lead
Brit Marling (@britmarling) is the co-creator and star of “The OA.”

When we kill women in our stories, we aren’t just annihilating female gendered bodies. We are annihilating the feminine as a force wherever it resides — in women, in men, of the natural world. Because what we really mean when we say we want strong female leads is: “Give me a man but in the body of a woman I still want to see naked.”

Brit, the hero’s journey is centuries of narrative precedent written by men to mythologize men. Its pattern is inciting incident, rising tension, explosive climax and denouement. What does that remind you of?

And I say, a male orgasm.
womenInRefrigerators  writing  sexism  maleprivilege  sciencefiction  fiction 
13 days ago by campylobacter
Joanna Russ, the Science-Fiction Writer Who Said No | The New Yorker
B. D. McClay writes about the life and work of the feminist science-fiction writer Joanna Russ, the author of “The Female Man” and a rival of Ursula K. Le Guin’s. Russ’s work is the subject of a new book by the critic Gwyneth Jones.
joanna_ross  sciencefiction 
19 days ago by goncourt
Highest resolution image EVER has been taken of the surface of the sun - it’s like !
sciencefiction  from twitter_favs
20 days ago by tolkien
Epiphany 2.0
Highly regarded speculative fiction author. Per "The New Yorker," Dave Ayer.
From the website:

N(ora). K. Jemisin is a New York Times-bestselling author of speculative fiction short stories and novels, who lives and writes in Brooklyn, NY. In 2018, she became the first author to win three Best Novel Hugos in a row for her Broken Earth trilogy. She has also won a Nebula Award, two Locus Awards, and a number of other honors.
blog  author  writing  scienceFiction  fantasy 
20 days ago by JJLDickinson
Something Is Broken in Our Science Fiction
These punks indicate that something is broken in our science fiction. Indeed, even when they reject it, these new subgenres often repeat the same gestures as cyberpunk, discover the same facts about the world, and tell the same story. Our hacker hero (or his magic-wielding counterpart) faces a huge system of power, overcomes long odds, and finally makes the world marginally better—but not so much better that the author can’t write a sequel. The 1980s have, in a sense, never ended; they seem as if they might never end.
2130  sf  sciencefiction 
22 days ago by craniac
Thoughts on Cyberpunk - Adam Roberts
"I'm not suggesting that Cyberpunk was, as it were, actively bad, deplorable, anything like that. There's some Cyberpunk I like a great deal. But I am, I suppose, suggesting that it wasn't quite as cool, or as signficant, or as core to the larger narrative of science fiction's development, as is sometimes claimed."
sciencefiction  cyberpunk  criticism 
23 days ago by littlerhymes
How Science Fiction Imagined the 2020s - OneZero
When you imagine the future, what’s the first date that comes into your mind? 2050? 2070? The year that pops into your head is almost certainly related to how old you are — some point within our…
fiction  scienceFiction  future 
23 days ago by basemaly
Utopia Is a Dangerous Ideal: We Should Aim for ‘Protopia’
Everybody knows that nobody’s perfect. So why do we still strive for perfection when there could be a better path?
dystopia  future  scienceFiction  culture 
4 weeks ago by basemaly

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