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“Mindless Eating,” or how to send an entire life of research into question | Ars Technica
“It’s not just those four papers, and it’s not just those four papers plus the repeated use of identical language and in some cases dual publication of materials,” he argues. “There’s more. A lot more. And it looks to me like serious research misconduct: either outright fraud by people in the lab, or such monumental sloppiness that data are entirely disconnected from context, with zero attempts to fix things when problems have been pointed out.”
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Foldscope - The Origami Paper Microscope by Foldscope - Manu Prakash & Jim Cybulski — Kickstarter
"Foldscope is a real microscope, with magnification and resolution sufficient for imaging live individual cells, cellular organelles, embryos, swimming bacteria and much more. Because the Foldscope is so affordable and can be used anywhere, it brings science to your daily life, whether that means looking at what's growing in your flower pot or watching bacteria from your mouth or analysing the bee stinger that got your thumb. Our goal is to encourage and enable the curious explorer in each of us and make science happen anywhere, anytime."
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Cormac McCarthy on the Origin of Language
I call it the Kekulé Problem because among the myriad instances of scientific problems solved in the sleep of the inquirer Kekulé’s is probably the best known. He was trying to arrive at the configuration of the benzene molecule and not making much progress when he fell asleep in front of the fire and had his famous dream of a snake coiled in a hoop with its tail in its mouth—the ouroboros of mythology—and woke exclaiming to himself: “It’s a ring. The molecule is in the form of a ring.” Well. The problem of course—not Kekulé’s but ours—is that since the unconscious understands language perfectly well or it would not understand the problem in the first place, why doesnt it simply answer Kekulé’s question with something like: “Kekulé, it’s a bloody ring.” To which our scientist might respond: “Okay. Got it. Thanks.”
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