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What Version is Your Infrastructure?
software configuration management, versioning. nice diagram on "Infrastructure Build Lifecycle > Application Build Lifecycle > Deployment Lifecycle"
softwaredev  versioncontrol  saas 
9 hours ago by pfctdayelise
I would really like to see this report: SaaS Marketing Stack Study 1,001 fast-growing comp…
B2B  SaaS  from twitter
3 days ago by pamneely
imgix • Real-time image processing and image CDN
imgix solves images. We tackle the complexity of responsive imagery to help you deliver the highest value image to the right device, at the right time, every time. On-demand image processing, optimization and delivery.
image  optimization  processing  cdn  saas 
5 days ago by floehopper
ATracker - Daily Task and Time Tracking
$3/mo for web app. $5 one time for iOS app. So paying is kind of lame. Plus who knows how long this will last.
web_apps  iOS_apps  paid  SaaS  time_tracking  alternatives  recommendations 
5 days ago by skinnymuch
Web Testing and Automation | Helium
Web automation made awesome!
Helium makes it easy to create web test and automation scripts
testing  saas 
5 days ago by masukomi

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