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The SaaS Marketing Bible [41+ Strategies & Case-Studies] - Apollo Digital
Looking to discover new ways to market your software? Read our guide to discover 41+ essential SaaS marketing strategies to acquire new users.
18 hours ago by iofusion
Simple Analytics - Simple, clean, and privacy-friendly analytics
Simple Analytics gives you the analytics you need without invading the privacy of your users, with a clean interface, and simple integration. GDPR, CCPA and, PECR comliant because we don't handle PII data and set no cookies.
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yesterday by povey
Matomo: #1 Secure Open Web Analytics Platform
Enjoy the full benefits of a Premium Web Analytics and Conversion Optimization tool ALL in one place, while taking full control with 100% data ownership.
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yesterday by povey
Enabling top performing sales teams | 360Learning
Hot new product on Product Hunt: Enabling Top Performing Sales Teams — How SaaS leaders onboard, train & develop their sales teams.
Product  Hunt  Productivity  Sales  SaaS  Tech  Books 
yesterday by Soc201
Thank HN: My SaaS paid my rent this month | Hacker News
I bet your success factor is "I built ... my girlfriend a tool."

My only successful product to this date is an app I built because my wife asked me to. It is in an non-technical domain which I knew nothing about. I thought it was rather non-promising, but, since it was a pet-peeve of hers, I gave it a try.

It was an awesome (and very bonding) experience - she explained me the problem(s), and I tried to simplify and structure it (didn't think gardening could be so complicated). Both of us were in their respective element, and from back and forth an app was forged.

To this day I only half-jokingly call her my product manager. The app has brought in 5 digits last year and is rising.

Last week, she briefly mentioned another problem, in another hobby domain of hers...
bootstrap  saas  project 
2 days ago by photoangell

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