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How to rank for head terms | Distilled
Over the last few years, my mental model for what does and doesn’t rank has changed significantly, and this is especially true for head terms - competitive, high volume, “big money” keywords like “car insurance”, “laptops”, “flights”, and so on. This post is based on a bunch of real-world experience that confounded my old mental model, as well as some statistical research that I did for my presentation at SearchLove London (create a free Distilled account to access the video) in early October . I’ll explain my hypothesis in this post, but I’ll also explain how I think you should react to it as SEOs - in other words, how to rank for head terms.

My hypothesis in both cases is that head terms are no longer about ranking factors, and by ranking factors I mean static metrics you can source by crawling the web and weight to decide who ranks. Many before me have made the claim that user signals are increasingly influential for competitive keywords, but this is still an extension of the ranking factors model, whereby data goes in, and rankings come out. My research and experience are leading me increasingly towards a more dynamic and responsive model, in which Google systematically tests, reshuffles and refines rankings over short periods, even when sites themselves do not change
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Prevent images on your page from appearing in search results - Search Console Help
For quick removal
Use the Remove URLs tool. You should see results fairly quickly.
For non-emergency image removal
To prevent images from your site appearing in Google's search results, add a robot
6 hours ago by willtonkin
How to Work Effectively with Google Search Console Data to Analyze Google Updates
Due to the everchanging SERPs, data quality is already going downhill. However, few people notice as most don’t compare the results of their scraped data tool of choice with the real Google data provided via Search Console.

I regularly compare the data, and the results are disappointing. Here’s a comparison for a medium-sized blog of mine:


As you can see, the best SEO tool still only has 14.58% exact matches with an average deviation of 6 (so a position no.2 could just as well be position no.8. A top ranked result could also be a no.7 result and so on). The worst tool gets it right in less than 8% of all keywords with an average deviation of 8.17 – meaning you’d be better off guessing a ranking position.

Depending on the tool you use, you have either ok’ish data:


Or bad data that seems a bit random:


Of course, data is getting more accurate the smaller the domain – f.e. here’s a very keyword-focused SEO-affiliate site:
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There is a huge value for every to keep watchful of volatility by using - RT
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Backlinks Vs Social Shares: How To Make Your Content Rank For Different Metrics

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yesterday by pamneely
Find the Most Shared Content and Key Influencers
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Eight tools you need for backlink generation - Search Engine Watch Search Engine Watch
Backlinks are links from another website that point to your website. Getting backlinks from websites with high domain authority that are relevant to your niche will help you rank higher on Google searches and grab your audience’s attention.
2 days ago by JohnDrake
Biggest Trend in SEO
Really important post from Andy Crestolino
2 days ago by philmackem
Document Does Not Have A Meta Description  |  Tools for Web Developers  |  Google Developers
Reference documentation for the "Document Does Not Have A Meta Description" Lighthouse audit.
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