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Flock Mega Quiz is underway HQ!! ⁣
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15 days ago by genmon
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Why is it not recommended to repeat boiling water?
Why is it not recommended to repeat…
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6 weeks ago by JINHONG
Twitter should kill the retweet • The Atlantic
Taylor Lorenz:
<p>Retweets prey on users’ worst instincts. They delude Twitter users into thinking that they’re contributing to thoughtful discourse by endlessly amplifying other people’s points—the digital equivalent of shouting “Yeah, what they said!” in the midst of an argument. And because Twitter doesn’t allow for editing tweets, information that goes viral via retweets is also more likely to be false or exaggerated. According to MIT research published in the journal Science, Twitter users retweet fake news almost twice as much as real news. Some Twitter users, desperate for validation, endlessly retweet their own tweets, spamming followers with duplicate information.

Retweets were introduced, ironically, to make Twitter better. At the time, the company’s co-founder Biz Stone declared that “we hope interesting, newsworthy, or even just plain funny information will spread quickly through the network making its way efficiently to the people who want or need to know.” Retweets were an early way for the company to ensure that the most interesting and engaging content would bubble up in the feed and keep users entertained.

But for more than two and a half years, the company has shown people tweets based on an algorithmic accounting of exactly what the most interesting and engaging content is (yes, part of that algorithm takes user behavior like retweets into account). It has also tested suggesting tweets, recommending accounts to follow based on interest, and built Moments to surface noteworthy tweets about news events. The retweet isn’t just dangerous; it’s redundant.</p>

Before the retweet was a function, one had to manually copy the content of a tweet and put "RT" or "MT" (modified tweet) in front of it. This friction meant something had to be really worthwhile to achieve any velocity.

Increasingly it looks as though adding friction (back in) is the way to make social networks more reasonable.
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october 2018 by charlesarthur
RT : As it's today, here are some things to remember. Please and add your own.

- We all…
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october 2018 by ztephen
: the strikes again... in our Time! This Despicable & Pathetic must b…
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july 2018 by Eyebee
Untitled (

Really excited to share this with you all! Please 😆👍

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june 2018 by smatthewman

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