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Our longest email. Ever. 😬🌏 - Product Hunt
Today is World Emoji Day! A day to remember that our ever-expanding universal language did not exist in 1995. <a href="
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2 days ago by BertrandSoulier
- collect the publications and related resources of Deep Learning in NLP
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11 weeks ago by SimonTC
Free stock videos – Pexels Videos
RT @noeltock: Unsplash for video? Quite useful.
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april 2017 by frato
Archivio Grafica Italiana
Archivio Grafica Italiana is the first digital archive dedicated to the Italian graphic design heritage. A growing overview to spread and promote the culture of quality that distinguishes the Italian design tradition. From the greatest classics to the best contemporary projects, commissioned by Italian clients or made by Italian designers, to explore and discover the fundamental aesthetic and cultural contribution brought by the Italian graphic design all over the world. Archivio Grafica Italiana is a project by Nicola-Matteo Munari.
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march 2017 by JolinM

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