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How sound and smell cues can enhance learning while you sleep | Aeon Ideas
My mother is one of five children, so she has plenty of stories about her and her siblings’ misadventures. One of my favourites revolves around my ‘weird’ Uncle Dorsey and his early scientific endeavours.
7 minutes ago by dougleigh
Something we could use a little more of – studies link intellectual humility with openness to other viewpoints – Research Digest
Early in 2018, the default reaction to encountering someone who disagrees with you is to place your fingers in your ears. The US government is in shut down following an impasse in Congress. Meanwhile, the UK remains bitterly divided over Brexit.
7 minutes ago by dougleigh
Less smartphone time equals happier teenager, study suggests
The latest health and science updates, breakthroughs, research, and the best in investigative and informative journalism.
31 minutes ago by dougleigh
Psychedelic mushrooms reduce authoritarianism and boost nature relatedness, experimental study suggests
Psilocybin, the active compound in magic mushrooms, could make people feel more connected to nature and less likely to endorse authoritarian views, according to new research from the Psychedelic Research Group at Imperial College London.
32 minutes ago by dougleigh
University of York Study Finds No Link Between Violent Games and Behavior
A new study published by researchers at the University of York found no connection linking video game concepts and player behavior.
psychology  research  videogames  violence 
48 minutes ago by basemaly
'Striking The Balance' Between Public Access And Commercial Reuse Of Digital Content - National Museum Directors' Council Website
There are significant opportunities to develop hybrid models which combine open access and commercial reuse.
There is a growing body of evidence that open access to digital content for both commercial and non-commercial reuse drives value back to the existing business model or revenue streams of the institution.
openaccess  openculturaldata  Research  images  collectionsonline  onlinecollections  Galleries  Museums  GLAM  commercialisation 
59 minutes ago by miaridge
Facebook invites submissions for “Secure the Internet Grants”
As part of its pledge to offer $1 million in defense research, Facebook is accepting proposals to "Secure the Internet," Facebook Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos announced in a blog post yesterday. Proposals can get up to $100k each and are open to academia, NGOs, and non-profits, with the goal "to spur development of technology that may be applied in practice, rather than pure research." Focus areas include "anti-phishing," "abuse detection and reporting," and "security for users in emerging markets," among others. Proposals are due by March 30, 2018, with the winners announced at Black Hat USA 2018.

Learn more about the program at link above or access more details and the application here.
otf  facebook  funders  alt  research  security 
1 hour ago by dmcdev
Measuring the Impact of Sequestration and the Drawdown on the Defense Industrial Base
Dec 2017 CSIS report
Congressional spending has become so unpredictable, a panel of Pentagon experts say, the defense industrial base is shrinking and the weapons systems of tomorrow are not being developed. Speaking Monday [Jan 22, 2018] at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a panel of experts responded to the findings of a report quantifying how defense spending cuts, enacted by the Budget Control Act of 2011, has caused a dramatic number of defense industry suppliers to leave the market while chilling industry’s research and development activities.
csis  sequestration  defense_industrial_base  research  development  budget 
2 hours ago by strohps
Why you Need Quantitative AND Qualitative Data - Mind the Product
Qualitative versus quantitative data: we’ve all been involved in a conversation debating their respective merits at some point in our careers. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  data  user  research 
2 hours ago by technogoggles

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