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Lost in adaptation? | Ecsite
As smartphone ownership increased (now at 76% in the UK, while a February 2016 report from the Pew Research Centre states that a median of 68% of adults report owning a smartphone in 11 “advanced economies” countries) and mobile devices are taking over PC in accessing the internet, mobile is the way that many audiences mediate the world. However, it’s worth noting that the key change that came about in 2007 was the introduction of applications commonly known as apps - software that could be published by anyone and downloaded by users to their own device. Applications such as Word or Adobe PDF reader had been around for years but the idea that these were now easier to publish and easily accessible for people to download onto a device they carried with them all the time, seemed like the ultimate democratic product. Organisations could take control of their own digital destiny and so apps have come to dominate the conversation about mobile use.
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14 hours ago by stacker
Here’s What Happened When A Football Team Decided To Give Out Free DNA Tests
"At the Ravens vs. Browns game on Sunday, a biotech startup had planned to hand out tens of thousands of free genetic tests. But the promotion was axed at the last minute after questions from the Maryland health department.

...“We treat these people as adults,” he said. “I think that we should respect that people are smart enough to figure this out.”

But others worry that at a noisy football game, fans wouldn’t fully digest several thousand words of legalese, or take the time to contemplate the legal, medical, and privacy risks of turning their DNA over to a private company."
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15 hours ago by ribbonknight
"I've ported mjg59's tpmtotp to run from inside the boot ROM of a Thinkpad x230 using CoreBoot with a Linux payload. This provides attestation that the firmware hasn't been tampered with, since the TPM won't unseal the secret to used in the TOTP HMAC unless the PCR values match those expected for the ROM image."
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17 hours ago by mechazoidal
Ichidan Is a Shodan-Like Search Engine for the Dark Web
Two days ago, Bleeping Computer came across a new Dark Web portal that allows users to search Tor Onion sites in the same way users utilize Shodan to discover Internet-exposed services [1, 2].
Named Ichidan — the Japanese word for "first stage/step" — the service is located at ichidanv34wrx7m7.onion, and, in the long run, can prove a useful tool for anyone investigating Dark Web services.
Researcher: This search engine is gold
"This search engine is gold," said Victor Gevers, after Bleeping Computer asked the researcher for an opinion. "There is so much we didn't know about many .onion addresses. I am just amazed at things I see."
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19 hours ago by rgl7194
Annotation Tuesday! Roger Angell and the pitcher with a major-league case of the yips - Nieman Storyboard
What’s the best writing advice anyone ever gave you?

One thing I’ve tried to pick up from (John) McPhee is, “As a reporter, try to be stupid.” Be a stupid interviewer. Don’t be conversational, don’t understand too quickly. You say, What? And then the person you’re talking to wants to help you out.
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19 hours ago by mayonissen
Foul-mouthed mothers are causing problems for Mumsnet
To answer this question, The Economist examined over 200,000 discussion threads from one of Mumsnet’s most popular forums. We looked for instances of the words that Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, deems offensive. The analysis does not capture every curse. Some mums choose to self-censor; others use knowing acronyms (CF, for instance, means “cheeky fucker”). Nevertheless, a clear trend emerges from the number-crunching: swearing is indeed on the rise.
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21 hours ago by dancall

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