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yesterday by rmateu
Ataraxia - manic_intent - Assassin's Creed - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
“There you are,” Brasidas said, as he walked along the beach. He looked at the boat that Deimos was struggling against with amusement. “You wouldn’t have gotten far with that. Do you even know how to sail?”

“I can learn,” Deimos said. Amusement only made him belligerent, even if Brasidas’ wasn’t coloured with malice. Not like the Priestess’ had been.

“All right.” Brasidas sat down on a rock. At Deimos’ startled look, he gestured at the boat. “Go on, then.”
assassins.creed  read  read.2019  slash  fic  author:manic_intent  pairing:alexios/brasidas 
2 days ago by Zanzando
Polemos - manic_intent - Assassin's Creed - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Brasidas found the boy dangling on a ledge against a sheer cliff, head cushioned on his hands. “Look at that,” Deimos said, pointing.

Above, an eagle was feeding its mate. They had built a nest further up on a cliff, an unlovely construction of dried sticks. Offering deposited, the eagle launched itself back into space. “I see them,” Brasidas said, swallowing his temper.

“They fall off mountains and into the sky,” Deimos said. He reached toward the ascending eagle, hand outstretche...
assassins.creed  read  read.2019  author:manic_intent  fic  slash  pairing:alexios/brasidas 
2 days ago by Zanzando
Ibiki's Apprentice, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction
The Academy's teachers thought they were getting one over on the Hokage, graduating an ill-prepared Naruto while Iruka was sick. The Hokage knew he was getting one over on the entire village when he assigned Morino Ibiki as Naruto's Jounin sensei.
naruto  read  read.2019  fic  author:may-wren  au 
3 days ago by Zanzando

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