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Facebook’s algorithm isn’t surfacing one-third of our posts. And it’s getting worse.
So here we are. The data show that we are having the fewest number of our most successful posts and the most of our least successful at a time when our strategy hasn’t significantly changed and our fans have grown.
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2 days ago by markhgn
The Analyst's Corner: Benchmarking Engaged Time
Facebook vs Twitter. We already know from a recent study with Pew Research that, in an increasingly mobile ecosystem, referral sources on mobile were an important factor in determining engaged time. Their research found that Tumblr and Twitter generate highly engaged audiences, while Facebook audiences were less engaged.
Readers can be highly engaged on mobile, though infrequently. In another section of the same report, we distinguished between long-form articles with 1000+ words and short-form articles. Long-form consistently outperformed short-form, though visitors to either do not frequently go on to other articles.
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4 days ago by starrjulie
Cleaning Hard to Reach Spots
Cleaning hard to reach spots includes your keyboard!
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4 weeks ago by Adventure_Web

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