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rational rendering and floating bar - Inigo Quilez
"So, what would happen if we replaced floating point numbers with rational numbers and tried to render an image?"
3d  raytracing  math 
2 hours ago by slowbyte
How to start learning computer graphics - Eric Arnebäck
"Quite a few API:s for coding against the GPU hardware have appeared over the years: Direct3D, OpenGL, Vulkan, Metal, WebGL, and so on. These API:s can be difficult to get started with, since they often require much boilerplate code, and I consider that they are not beginner friendly at all. In these API:s, even figuring out how to draw a single triangle is a massive undertaking for a complete beginner to graphics"
programming  graphics  learning  raytracing 
9 days ago by pmigdal
Marble Matcher
Marble Marcher is entirely ray-traced in real time and is played on the surface of evolving fractals. The goal is to get your marble to the goal as quickly as possible. There are 15 unique levels to master.
raytracing  computer-graphics 
14 days ago by hulimavu

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