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Raspberry Pi Zero Universal Remote: 27 Steps (with Pictures)
Raspberry Pi Zero Universal Remote: Build a universal remote control with web interface using a Raspberry Pi, LIRC, and just a few components. I needed one because the remote in my house tends to go missing a lot. My mother-in-law's remote for her cable box broke and I don't know wh...
raspberrypi  infrared 
2 hours ago by wkorfhage
Raspotify | raspotify
Raspotify is a Spotify Connect client for Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi that Just Works™. Raspotify is a Debian package and associated repository which thinly wraps the awesome librespot library by Paul Lietar and others. It works out of the box on all three revisions of the Pi, immediately after installation.
raspberrypi  spotify 
yesterday by awhite
Get Started with Docker 1.12 on Raspberry Pi
Dust off that Pi and get Docker 1.12 up and running in minutes. Learn some cool hacks and optimizations for the best experience including GPIO.
docker  raspberrypi 
yesterday by ewilde

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