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Ranking Every Motley Crue Album From Worst to Best | Dissected | Consequence of Sound
02. DR. FEELGOOD (1989)
The Ol’ Situation: Crüe’s output barely gets better than Dr. Feelgood. Following multiple near-death experiences — Sixx’s heroin overdose and Neil’s deadly car crash — the most dangerous band in music delivered maybe their meanest record, not to mention their best-sounding. Dr. Feelgood takes the grooving menace of “Wild Side” and “Girls Girls Girls” and tries to deliver that sound for an entire record. It doesn’t exactly succeed, but when the engine is running, as it does during the title track, this record’s a freight train. Bob Rock acquired his superstar producer status with Dr. Feelgood by adding insurmountable mass to Crüe’s low end. Together, Sixx’s bass and lee’s drums sound like Godzilla’s footsteps as he tramples Los Angeles to dust. To the Crüe’s credit, Rock wouldn’t have been able to get such tight performances out of them before — this was the band’s first sober album.
With sobriety, however, came the internal turmoil that typifies the rest of the band’s career. The group fought so much while making Dr. Feelgood that Rock had them record their parts separately from one another. This internal friction didn’t show in the music until later, though. Dr. Feelgood is maybe the lightest, most optimistic Crüe album. Songs like “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)” and “Without You” showcase a more uplifting side to the band. As nasty as Sixx’s lyrics get, the songs themselves are so sugar coated that you can’t help but smile while listening — small wonder it’s their best-selling record, and only Billboard #1.
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3 days ago by rgl7194
List of languages by total number of speakers - Wikipedia
- has both L1 (native speakers) and L2 (second-language speakers)
- I'm guessing most of Mandarin's L2 speakers are Chinese natives. Lots of dialects and such (Cantonese) within the country.
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4 days ago by nhaliday
RT H/T - Rome fell. Fascinating to watch city changes much as we watch website rank…
Ranking  from twitter
6 days ago by jhill5
Though remain important, Google is more sophisticated at determining web factors.…
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9 days ago by jhill5
Google’s Natural Language Processing API Tool for SEO - %Majestic Blog
Two articles on the same topic from different quality newspapers - one article ranks high the other doesn't. Google's Natural Language Processing API provides the answer.
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10 days ago by nharbour
MLB Rank 50-1: Trout stays No. 1; Bryce bounced from top 10
No. 41. Clayton Kershaw, SP, Los Angeles Dodgers
2018 rank: 2
One key 2019 projection: ZiPS predicts Kershaw will post a 2.91 ERA, which would match his career worst from all the way back in 2010.
Did you know? It's all about health with the Dodgers' ace. He's dealing with shoulder soreness this spring and has not managed even 28 starts in a season since 2015.
No. 42. Walker Buehler, SP, Los Angeles Dodgers
2018 rank: Not ranked.
One key 2019 projection: An increase in dominance, in the form of a 10.38 K/9 rate from ZiPS, points to an almost-certain solid sophomore effort.
Did you know? His 1.58 ERA and .154 opponents' batting average over the final two months of his rookie season certainly should quell fears that hitters are certain to adjust to him once there's more of a book. If anything, the 2019 projections are too cautious.
No. 49. Corey Seager, SS, Los Angeles Dodgers
2018 rank: 20
One key 2019 projection: FanGraphs projects Seager to tie his career-best RBI total (77) in just 129 games.
Did you know? Seager played only 26 games last season and is coming off elbow and hip operations. If he recovers sooner than expected, his projections could soar.
baseball  dodgers  kershaw  buehler  seager  ranking 
11 days ago by rgl7194
Best fish fry in Rochester NY, Greece, Mendon, Churchville, Penfield
Our mission:
To find some of the best places to get a fish fry in the Rochester area.
Our method:
• We sought out word-of-mouth recommendations. We posted on the Democrat and Chronicle Facebook page. We published a story, online and in print, asking for email recommendations for fish fry. We also received a few suggestions via Twitter.
• We created a spreadsheet, tallying almost 900 suggestions among 230 places. (This took hours.)
• Photographer Shawn Dowd and I visited the five places with the most recommendations to taste for ourselves. (Five fish fries in three days seemed like a great idea in theory.) We did not call ahead or identify ourselves, because we wanted to be served the same fish fry that every other customer would get. We paid full price for our meals.
Here were our readers' five most recommended places, ranked in order of our taste test.
1. Crabby Dan's Grill
2. Fairfield's Bar and Grill
3. Captain Jim’s Fish Market
4. Parkway Family Restaurant
5. Stone’s Countryside Tavern
rochester  restaurants  seafood  top_ten  ranking 
12 days ago by rgl7194
Voting - Das ultimative Pasta-Ranking | SRF
Welche Pasta-Sorte ist eigentlich die beste? Die Diskussionen darüber waren intensiv, auf einen grünen Zweig sind wir nie gekommen. Ein öffentliches Voting sollte ein für allemal Klarheit bringen – und siehe da: We have a winner!
Pasta  Teigwaren  Ranking 
12 days ago by Einfach_Essen

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