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7 Rules of Using Radio Buttons vs Drop-Down Menus
However, if we study about the usability of these controls, it becomes apparent that radio buttons and drop-downs should be used in certain scenarios to make it easier for user to select a given input.
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22 hours ago by spaceninja
Reliquary: Aerosmith - The Boys From Boston (8CD Box Set) [SBD]
The Boys From Boston
The Early Years 1973-1976
8 Disc Long Box Set
(2017 Magic Bus : MB-07)
Soundboard + FM Recordings
Enncoded: 320 Kbps
music  hard_rock  70s  box_set  SBD  radio  concert 
yesterday by rgl7194
Majority of gun-owning homes don't store firearms safely | KOMO Radio
A new study from the UW finds that 63 percent of homes don't store their firearms safely. Erin Morgan, a graduate student in epidemiology at the UW, is interviewed.
KOMO  radio  !UWitM  2018  regl  guns  suicide  School:Public.Health  Department:Epidemiology 
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