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HamRadio360 (@hamradio360) gear • Kit
Project Kits put together by HamRadio 360
HAM  Radio  Kit 
2 days ago by Johnnyf
RootMetrics - Seattle, WA - 2017
T-Mobile and AT&T leading the chart, but all four are within a few points of each other
cellphone  report  radio  seattle  2017 
2 days ago by mechazoidal
Without Native Americans, Would We Have Chicago As We Know It?
Curious City: In this special Curious City presentation, we explore how Native Americans used trade, intermarriage, and their knowledge of the region’s geography to help lay the foundation for the city of Chicago. And we’ll consider an even bigger question: Would Chicago exist as we know it today — as a key Midwestern metropolis — without the Native Americans (Potawatomi, mostly).
NPR  radio  chicago  history 
3 days ago by oripsolob
Grounding Metal Work Connectors
HAM  Radio 
3 days ago by Johnnyf

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