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seed’s translucent ‘clear radar’ eraser lets users see what they are erasing
일본의 문구회사가 투명한 지우개를 개발, 지우개의 몸체로 지우는 영역을 가리지 않아 어디를 지우는지 알 수 있는 것이 장점. 근데 사진을 보니 투명한 유리처럼 완전한 투명은 아니고 살짝 불투명한 정도
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6 days ago by yun
Best Radar Detector of 2019 | Vortex Radar
“The third party apps like JBV1 add some incredibly awesome and unique functionality. You can have the detector automatically change its settings with location based profiles, adjusting your settings on the fly as you drive depending on where you are. You can get Waze integration (receiving alerts, but not posting), realtime weather on screen, automatic GPS lockouts, detailed alert logging, all the info displayed simultaneously for every single alert, etc. The V1 itself is starting to get a little dated, but the third party apps are offering some incredible new features you can’t get anywhere else.

“Now the initial setup and configuration of the V1 is more complicated than with other detectors, you’ll need your phone for basic GPS functionality like lockouts, the display uses red dots to denote bands so it can be hard to differentiate between radar bands at a glance, and V1’s performance is starting to lag behind the competition. It is also detectable by radar detector detectors. Nevertheless, it is a very capable radar detector and a popular enthusiast pick due in large part to the third party apps that are available.”
radardetectors  radar  valentineone  valentine  2019 
24 days ago by handcoding
Project Soli in depth: How radar-detected gestures could set the Pixel 4 apart | Computerworld
An experimental Google project may finally be ready to make its way into the real world — and the implications could be enormous.
radar  Soli 
5 weeks ago by euler

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