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News - Now Available on Steam - Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls
Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls is Now Available on Steam! Komaru Naegi has been imprisoned inside a mysterious apartment for over a year. Her rescue is derailed when hundreds of Monokumas suddenly attack. via Pocket
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News - Now Available on Steam - The Golf Club 2â„¢
The Golf Club 2™ is Now Available on Steam! Rise to fame and fortune in the largest, most dynamic golf game ever created. Assemble and join online Societies with friends, compete in tournaments, and earn money to climb the ranks in golf’s largest gaming community. via Pocket
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This is how sperm whales sleep
This is how sperm whales sleep

Sperm whales sleep together in a pod facing up in the water. From bioGraphic:

Photographer Franco Banfi and his fellow divers were following this pod of sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) when the giants suddenly seemed to fall into a vertical slumber. This phenomenon was first studied in 2008, when a team of biologists from the UK and Japan inadvertently drifted into a group of non-responsive sperm whales floating just below the surface. Baffled by the behavior, the scientists analyzed data from tagged whales and discovered that these massive marine mammals spend about 7 percent of their time taking short (6- to 24-minute) rests in this shallow vertical position. Scientists think these brief naps may, in fact, be the only time the whales sleep.

Photo by Franco Banfi, a finalist in the 2017 Big Picture Competition.

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Francesco D'Alessio's Mac and iPhone setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Francesco D’Alessio, and I am a freelancer currently working with a handful technology startups. I’m based remotely in the South West of the UK in a city called Plymouth.
I’m a massive fan of productivity apps and resources, reviewing them on my YouTube channel.
What is your current setup?
I have a mid-2016 MacBook Air with 8GB RAM and a 128 SSD. This is my daily driver. I don’t have any plugins to this resource — no monitors and mouses to distract me. My paper setup is also simple: a Baron Fig Confidant 2 notebook combined with an orange Rhodia squared pad. I also have an Amazon Echo on my desk that helps me connect to other services like Todoist, Newton, and other useful apps.
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A cyberattack the world isn’t ready for

Nicole Perlroth, New York Times:

The strike on IDT, a conglomerate with headquarters in a nondescript gray building here with views of the Manhattan skyline 15 miles away, was similar to WannaCry in one way: Hackers locked up IDT data and demanded a ransom to unlock it.

The Wanna Cry attack made huge headlines. The IDT attack did not.

But the ransom demand was just a smoke screen for a far more invasive attack that stole employee credentials. With those credentials in hand, hackers could have run free through the company’s computer network, taking confidential information or destroying machines.

This is a huge issue. The premise is, there are many of these attacks and they are almost all undiscovered, allowing the attacker to build up a treasure trove of employee credentials. The attack was allegedly carried out using cyberweapons stolen from the NSA.

Scans for the two hacking tools used against IDT indicate that the company is not alone. In fact, tens of thousands of computer systems all over the world have been “backdoored” by the same N.S.A. weapons. Mr. Ben-Oni and other security researchers worry that many of those other infected computers are connected to transportation networks, hospitals, water treatment plants and other utilities.

Lots more to this story, including one person’s quest to hunt down the perpetrator. Terrific read.

More evidence in favor of Apple’s commitment to not adding a back door to modern versions of iOS, as well as a firm argument for Apple’s approach to OS distribution. A major part of the problem is the flood of old, unpatched flavors of Windows and Android out in the wild.

∞ Read this on The Loop
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