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Community managers delivering stellar ROI despite extensive burnout
Rachel Happe, who has led the Community Roundtable since 2009 kindly sent me a copy of the 2018 annual survey among community manager practitioners. (Download link.) While the survey respondents are self-selecting, the results are extraordinary and instructive.
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9 days ago by marshallk
Things I’d Like to See Go Away – Unrealistic ROI and TCO Calculators
"Be more transparent. If you are providing a calculator for potential returns, call it that. Don’t call it ROI. Maybe provide that on your Web site, but offer a more complete ROI modeling tool for sales interactions. Work with existing customers to understand the business cases they developed and then use that to flesh out the range of inputs for your ROI and TCO tools. You might also discover some other areas of differentiation."
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29 days ago by jonerp
Unlocking higher marketing with unified measurement: A step-by-step approach by
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5 weeks ago by furtive
Want to improve your marketing this year? Optimizing your is the smartest way to get there, says…
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6 weeks ago by pamneely

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