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Measuring the ROI for UX in an Enterprise Organization, Part 1 (UXmatters)
Мощнейший пример стратегического мышления при обновлении продукта для корпоративных пользователей от Burcu S. Bakioglu, Ben Basilan и JonDelina ‘JD’ Buckley из ADP Innovation Center. Они выстроили отличный понятный подход для выделения интерфейсных метрик, которые завязаны на ключевые показатели бизнеса, а затем — анализа ключевых пользовательских задач и их сравнительной оценки, чтобы можно было отслеживать улучшения в течение длительного времени. Редко встретишь такой осмысленный и целенаправленный подход с минимумом воды.
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3 days ago by jvetrau
Our Investment Calculators and Finance Calculators - Don't Quit Your Day Job...
Complete list of all DQYDJ economics tools, return and investment calculators and finance calculators, plus links to studies in Economics and Demographics.
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4 days ago by wsharum
59 Experts Discuss Metrics to Measure (Dashboard Inside)
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6 days ago by WeRank
Don't dream big when taking on industrial or enterprise IoT
Stacey says that, even with IoT projects, starting small is good to prove long term ROI. She also describes the problem with doing transformational ROI when the work might just be doing improvements, like adding in more safety to industrial things. This doesn’t measure the creation of a new business ahead of time, innovation, which is an area that up-front ROI/business case stuff is obviously of little value, in trying be precise, at lease.
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11 days ago by cote
RT : Social media marketing tips for local business owners
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11 days ago by ormg
9 Facebook Audiences With Extremely High ROI
Focusing your Facebook targeting on location, interests, and demographics isn’t enough to run high- campaigns
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12 days ago by amershams
RT : How To Prove Content Marketing ROI For Your Business
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16 days ago by ormg
RT : How To Prove Content Marketing ROI For Your Business
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16 days ago by ormg

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