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5 Times Quentin and Eliot Had to Have Uncomfortable but Necessary Conversations and 1 Time They Didn't Need to Talk at All.
5 Times Quentin and Eliot Had to Have Uncomfortable but Necessary Conversations and 1 Time They Didn't Need to Talk at All.

or: 5 conversations set during the mosaic timeline +1 set post-S3.
fic  themagicians  quentin/eliot  r  author:kaci3PO 
6 minutes ago by jade__recs
no measure of distance or duration of silence
Quentin knows him. Knows him better than anyone in the multiverse, and that includes Margo — as terrifying of a concept as that is. Quentin knew and loved him for half a century and when Quentin looks at him now, it's not through eyes that are blinded to Eliot's many flaws.

It's a look that says I see you. I know you. It's the look of someone who has seen the good and the bad and who loves him for all of it. The idea of being that...known is terrifying.

fic  themagicians  quentin/eliot  r  author:kaci3PO 
7 minutes ago by jade__recs
Oddities Observed, Vietnam 1968 - momebie
[Dave POV - lovely]

"Klaus lit a cigarette and offered it to Dave.

Dave shook his head. “I don’t smoke.”

Klaus shrugged and put the cigarette between his teeth. “Really? You some kind of straight edge, Dave? I’ve got a brother like that. Claims his body is a temple.”

Dave didn’t know what a straight edge was, but he assumed Klaus meant sober. He raised an eyebrow. “And your body?”

“My body is the god damned Oracle at Delphi.” Klaus removed the cigarette from his lips and waved it through the air in the rough shape of a person. The light arced through the night. “And anyone can have a piece of it for a price.”

“Oh?” Dave asked, casual. “How much?”

“More than they’re paying you, big guy.” Klaus reached up with his free hand and patted Dave on the thigh. “Certainly more than they’re paying me.”"
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1 hour ago by citibyrd
R and labelled data: Using quasiquotation to add variable and value labels #rstats – Strenge Jacke!
Labelling data is typically a task for end-users and is applied in own scripts or functions rather than in packages. However, sometimes it can be useful for both end-users and package developers to have a flexible way to add variable and value labels to their data. In such cases, quasiquotation is helpful.

This vignette demonstrate how to use quasiquotation in sjlabelled to label your data.
5 hours ago by prcleary
CRAN - Package surveysd
"Calculate point estimates and their standard errors in complex household surveys using bootstrap replicates. Bootstrapping considers survey design with a rotating panel [e.g. EU-SILC]."
r  stats:surveys 
13 hours ago by phnk
CRAN - Package vardpoor: Variance Estimation for Sample Surveys by the Ultimate Cluster Method
"Generation of domain variables, linearization of several nonlinear population statistics (the ratio of two totals, weighted income percentile, relative median income ratio, at-risk-of-poverty rate, at-risk-of-poverty threshold, Gini coefficient, gender pay gap, the aggregate replacement ratio, the relative median income ratio, median income below at-risk-of-poverty gap, income quintile share ratio, relative median at-risk-of-poverty gap), computation of regression residuals in case of weight calibration, variance estimation of sample surveys by the ultimate cluster method (Hansen, Hurwitz and Madow,Theory, vol. I: Methods and Applications; vol. II: Theory. 1953, New York: John Wiley and Sons), variance estimation for longitudinal, cross-sectional measures and measures of change for single and multistage stage cluster sampling designs (Berger, Y. G., 2015, <doi:10.1111/rssa.12116>). Several other precision measures are derived - standard error, the coefficient of variation, the margin of error, confidence interval, design effect."
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15 hours ago by phnk
STAP Introduction
Spatial Temporal Aggregated Predictor Models via 'stan'.
r  stats:bayesian  stats:spatial 
15 hours ago by phnk
The R Book - Michael J. Crawley - Google Books
Hugely successful and popular text presenting an extensive and comprehensive guide for all R users The R language is recognized as one of the most powerful and flexible statistical software packages, enabling users to apply many statistical techniques that would be impossible without such software to help implement such large data sets. R has become an essential tool for understanding and carrying out research. This edition: Features full colour text and extensive graphics throughou...
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