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My mentions are full of wankers. Some general reminders:

- I'm not a Democrat
- QAnon is sad, made up bulls…
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6 days ago by kitoconnell
Who is behind the Qanon conspiracy? We've traced it to three people
“The funniest thing about those who try to discredit Q. They focus on whether Q is real or not, instead of the information being provided,” tweeted one follower. “NO ONE cares who Q is. WE care about the TRUTH.”
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6 days ago by josephaleo
What is ? on the alt-right's newest conspiracy theory
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10 days ago by Matthew.A.Carson
First mission for is to stop secret migration to the sun, which says was responsible fo…
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11 days ago by jbaldwin
People Think This Whole QAnon Conspiracy Theory Is A Prank On Trump Supporters
This, if true, is the most gloriously Discordian thing ever.
"Let us take for granted, for a while, that QAnon started as a prank in order to trigger right-wing weirdos and have a laugh at them. There's no doubt it has long become something very different. At a certain level it still sounds like a prank. But who's pulling it on whom?" they [Roberto Bui, Giovanni Cattabriga, and Federico Guglielmi] said.
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12 days ago by jm
Well, hello there …

I’d have thought the ‘Q’ would have given it away, but you guys are _slow_.

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14 days ago by Arnte

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