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David Joyner. Intro to computing
Textbook to accompany the edX class CS1301x, Introduction to computing.
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8 days ago by Psammead
Safely back home after the epic sprint to finish on . A huge thanks to everyone who contri…
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13 days ago by enzus
Fabric3 is a fork of Fabric to provide compatability with Python 3.4+. The port still works with Python 2.7.

The goal is to stay 100% compatible with the original Fabric. Any new releases of Fabric will also be released here. Please file issues for any differences you find. Known differences are documented on github <>.
python  fabric  python3 
13 days ago by timcondit
Bogdanp/molten: A minimal, extensible, fast and productive framework for building HTTP APIs with Python 3.6 and later.
A minimal, extensible, fast and productive framework for building HTTP APIs with Python 3.6 and later. - Bogdanp/molten
python3  http  api  restful  framework 
14 days ago by reorx
amentajo / lib3to2 — Bitbucket
This project came about as a Google Summer of Code in 2009 similiar tool . 3 to 2 exists and has 100 downloads per day according to [![Downloads](](
python  python2  python3  3to2  convert  event 
4 weeks ago by Spark

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