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How I Made $70,714.20 Self-Publishing a Book About Ruby on Rails
Summary: A step-by-step walkthrough of how I made a nearly-full-time income from my Ruby on Rails course in 2016, and how it radically transformed my freelancing career. (7,121 words/35 minutes)
business  ideas  publishing  writing 
1 hour ago by dangeranger is a shared, universal ledger designed to track ownership and attribution for the world's digital creative assets
blockchain  publishing 
2 hours ago by MattieTK
Binder (beta)
For launching notebooks stored in Github.
jupyter  data-science  analytics  publishing  github 
4 hours ago by mjlassila
Reach for Markdown, not LaTeX - Bits, Bytes, and Words
Writing should be a pleasant experience. With the right tools, it can be. LaTeX is powerful but cumbersome to use. With Markdown, we can focus on our …
latex  publishing  md  markdown  pandoc  template 
10 hours ago by dizzzz
Digital Deceit: The Technologies Behind Precision Propaganda on the Internet
Examining the technologies behind precision propaganda and political disinformation on the internet
propoganda  deception  marketing  business  publishing 
23 hours ago by basemaly

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