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And Other Stories
And Other Stories publishes some of the best in contemporary writing, including many translations. We aim to push people’s reading limits and help them discover authors of adventurous and inspiring writing. And we want to open up publishing so that from the outside it doesn’t look like some posh freemasonry. For example, as we said in this piece in The Guardian, we think more of the English publishing industry should move out of London.

And Other Stories is readers, editors, writers, translators and subscribers. While our books are distributed widely through bookshops, it’s our subscribers’ support that makes the books happen. We now have about 1,000 active subscribers in over 40 countries, receiving up to 6 books a year.

We also have reading groups where people can help us unearth and discuss great foreign books we could publish in English. Curious about our reading groups? Follow The Guardian or Publishing Perspectives to one of our reading groups. ‘The future of publishing?’ Why not?! We love the books we’re publishing and we hope you will, too.
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Build books better. The streamlined online production tool for monograph publishing.
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Dorothy Project
Recently named one of five small presses “slyly changing the industry for the better” (flavorwire), Dorothy, a publishing project is dedicated to works of fiction or near fiction or about fiction, mostly by women.

Each fall, we publish two new books simultaneously. We work to pair books that draw upon different aesthetic traditions, because a large part of our interest in literature lies in its possibilities, its endless stylistic and formal variety. Dorothy books are available through most major retail channels, but we offer special sales on titles purchased together through this website, to encourage readers to approach them as a conversation (a project).

The press is named for its editor’s great-aunt Dorothy Traver, head librarian, author, gardener, animal-lover, and bookmobile-driver, who on each birthday gave her niece a book stamped with an owl bookplate.

Read more about Dorothy, a publishing project at The Atlantic, the Paris Review, Kirkus, the Kenyon Review, The Millions, the New York Times, Entropy, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, and BOMB.

If you’d like to be added to our mailing list, please let us know at:
editors [at] dorothyproject [dot] com

We are pleased to have partnered with Washington University in St. Louis to establish one internship position per year for an MFA student in the University’s creative writing program. See here for more information on the internship and the program.
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Editions Philippe Picquier
publisher of works by East Asian authors
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