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Refresh Garrett v2 - YouTube
Garrett Dimon, sharing his personal struggle with: starting and then selling a business, doing physical rehab, and ultimately the amputation of his foot.
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21 hours ago by nathansmith
Romantic motivations for social media use, social comparison, and online aggression among adolescents
This study examines whether adolescent motivations for social media use, social comparison tendencies and gender are related to online aggression victimization and/or perpetration. Results from a national cross-sectional survey of adolescents (N = 340) reveal that social media use, romantic motivations, social belongingness motivations and greater social comparison tendencies are associated with online aggression victimization (R2 = 0.38). Information motivations and entertainment motivations are negatively associated with online aggression perpetration, but romantic motivations, social comparison, and social media use were positive predictors (R2 = 0.34). Further examination of interactions and indirect effects suggests that romantic motivations for social media use are an important predictor of involvement in online aggression among adolescents.
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21 hours ago by walt74
You Are the Product
John Lanchester reviews 3 books on Facebook and Google, and comes to the conclusion that Facebook does things because it can, without considering whether it should.
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23 hours ago by pw201
The scientific link between boredom and creativity — Quartz
"As an only child who grew up before the rise of the Internet, boredom was my constant companion. Summers were an endless stretch of riding my bike around town, reading, and staring up into the sky, imagining stories that I later wrote into my tattered journals. This tendency toward unscheduled downtime carried over into adulthood..."
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yesterday by gavin
Experience of emotion in face to face and computer-mediated social interactions: An event sampling study
The present study compared the experience of emotion in social interactions that take place face to face (FtF), co-presently, and those that take place online, in computer-mediated communications (CMC). For a period of ten days participants reported how intensely they experienced positive and negative emotions in CMC and in FtF interactions they had with persons from their social network. Results from factor analyses discerned a three factor emotion structure (positive, negative, and anxious emotions) that was largely shared between CMC and FtF social interactions. Multilevel analyses of emotion across modes of interaction found that in FtF social encounters participants experienced more positive and less negative emotion and higher satisfaction than in CMC; there was no difference in anxious emotion. Positive, but not negative emotions or anxiety partially mediated levels of satisfaction differences between interactions in CMC and those taking place FtF. The results point to similarities and differences in emotion experience in FtF and CMC, underlining in particular the affiliative function of positive emotion in peoples' encounters.
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yesterday by walt74
Foto: Maarten Boudry: "Bij nazi's zag je die gratuite gruwel zoals bij IS niet" |
“Je hebt een vergelijking van de ideologieën an sich en je hebt die van de dreiging op dit moment. Als we dat laatste bekijken, is het toch logisch dat de veiligheidsdiensten meer wakker liggen van het jihadisme dan van het nazisme. Maar blijkbaar mag je niets zeggen over nazisme zonder dat het zware verontwaardiging oproept. Weer die mythe van het kwaad. Als je ook maar durft te suggereren dat de nazi’s op bepaalde vlakken minder sadistisch waren of discreet waren of zelf dachten dat ze het goeie deden, dan wordt dat meteen gezien als een manier om het absolute kwaad, dat de nazi’s in onze ogen zijn, een beetje naar beneden te halen. Alsof ik heb willen zeggen: die nazi’s, die waren nog de kwaaiste niet.

“Maar ik blijf erbij dat het niet de manier is waarop wetenschap werkt. Er is niet zoiets als het absolute kwaad. De nazi’s waren niet de booswichten die zoals in Hollywood-films ’s ochtends opstaan en zeggen: let’s do some evil today. Er zat een interne logica in hun daden. En alleen door je te verplaatsen in hun hoofd kun je bijleren.”
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yesterday by dominomaster
Differences in family climate and family communication among cyberbullies, cybervictims, and cyber bully–victims in adolescents
Nineteen percent of adolescents have been involved in CB as cyberbully–victims.
Cyberbully–victims reported the most family conflict and offensive communication.
Family conflict and avoidant and non-open communication predicted involvement as a cyberbully–victim.
Poor family relationships are a risk factor for involvement in cyber–aggression.

Scientific studies on family factors related to the main cyberbullying roles are still scarce. The present study analyzed family climate and parent–adolescent communication in the four roles involved in cyberbullying: cybervictims, cyberbullies, cyberbully–victims, and non–involved adolescents. The study had two main objectives: (1) to analyze the differences in family climate (cohesion and conflict) and communication patterns with the mother and father (open, avoidance, and offensive) among the four roles, controlling the variables sex and academic grade; and (2) to determine the predictive weight of these family variables in the roles involved in cyberbullying. A battery of instruments was applied to 1062 adolescents from 12 to 18 years old. The results revealed that the cyberbully–victim profile had the lowest quality family climate and family communication patterns. In addition, family conflict predicted the role of cyberbullies, and non–open communication with the mother and avoidant communication with the father predicted the role of cybervictim. Finally, these family variables together (conflict and non–open and avoidant communication) predicted the role of cyberbully–victim.
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