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Curing the Therapeutic State: Thomas Szasz interviewed by Jacob Sullum -
It also seems that the use of the term disorder, as opposed to disease or illness, is designed to fudge the question of whether these conditions have a biological basis.
6 hours ago by postman
Facebook addiction linked to staking your self-worth on social acceptance
An initial survey of 337 participants with an active Facebook account found that social acceptance contingencies were positively related to Facebook addiction symptoms.

In other words, people who agreed with statements such as “My self-esteem depends on the opinions others hold of me” tended to also agree with statements such as “I spend a lot of time thinking about Facebook”, “I am using Facebook in order to forget my personal problems”, and “I use Facebook so much that it has had a negative impact on my job or studies.”
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16 hours ago by Chirael
YouTube -- Alexander Grace: The Psychology of Dominance & Submission
"It doesn't matter what the conscious mind claims to believe, our sexuality always reveals the raw truth about our beliefs."
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16 hours ago by adamcrowe

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