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Using psychology to design your product – Hacker Noon
If you provide content that your users don’t need, you create clutter on your design that detracts from the user experience. Hick’s law says that the more options you bring before users the longer the decision making process.
Most psychologists agree that human beings seek the easiest and quickest way to get things done. That translates that to a clutter-free website and a user-friendly interface. If you expose your web visitors to a choice of too many pictures or products, they will take longer to look at them and to make a choice.
They might get confused and fail to buy. Alternatively, they might buy and but later feel dissatisfied out of the belief that maybe other products were better than what they chose. The exasperation or satisfaction gained from viewing numerous items depends on the cognitive load presented to the user.
The cognitive load is the cumulative amount of mental effort or thought used by a person to complete a task. Even with this multiplicity of objects, Hick’s Law and the Von Restorff effect take precedence.
According to the Von Restorff effect, when faced with many similar objects, the unique one in the group remains in memory long after the experience. Following that principle, you should endeavor to make important aspects such as call-to-action buttons look different from other aspects of your application or site.
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How to Do Code Reviews Like a Human (Part One) - Silly Bits
Lately, I’ve been reading articles about best practices for code reviews. I notice that these articles focus on finding bugs to the exclusion of almost every other component of a review. Communicating issues you discover in a constructive and professional way? Irrelevant! Just identify all the bugs, and the rest will take care of itself.
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