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For an Inclusive Culture, Try Working Less – Hacker Noon
Now, I’m not advocating a return to IBM-style formality. But I do think that something was lost when we as an industry took off the tie and put on the T-shirt.
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12 days ago by Stolzenhain
Basecamp: Project Management & Team Communication Software
Trusted by millions, Basecamp puts everything you need to get work done in one place. It’s the calm, organized way to manage projects, work with clients, and communicate company-wide.
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4 weeks ago by tbweb
Are we making the web too complicated? | Seldo.Com Blog
Devs must meet these high expectations, but they have no more time and no more co-workers than they did before, and they still have to ship just as fast. To meet this requirement, they are throwing ever larger combinations of frameworks, boilerplate code, tools and build chains at the problem. The result is a lot of complexity and it's frequently frustrating.
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5 weeks ago by Stolzenhain
Me and SVG by Amelia Bellamy-Royds on CodePen
I'm an Invited Expert to a group that no longer exists. An editor of specifications that no one wants to implement. And I'm still trying to finish up a book on Using SVG on the web, with lots of future-focused notes about upcoming new features and the likelihood (or not) that they'll ever make it to web browsers.
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7 weeks ago by Stolzenhain
Drupal, We Need To Talk | Dave Hall Consulting
We live in a post peak Drupal world. Drupal peaked some time during the Drupal 8 development cycle. I’ve had conversations with quite a few people who feel that we’ve lost momentum

After a year I think it is safe to say the community is in denial. Drupal 8 won't be as popular as D7.
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8 weeks ago by Stolzenhain
Professional pride – Hacker Noon
CSS is no programming language and it shares no concepts with them. CSS was created for designing a page. And because it is crucial for a design to have global rules, CSS has a global nature. You cannot think in CSS in same way as you do in JavaScript. It is another world. The same vice versa. So please, JavaScript developers, get the right tool and mindset to work with CSS or get out of my way.
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11 weeks ago by Stolzenhain
Trello ist die flexible und visuelle Methode, alles mit allen zu organisieren – und das gratis!
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12 weeks ago by ferdinandfuchs
Online Gantt Chart Software | TeamGantt
TeamGantt is the refreshing solution that brings project scheduling software online. You can now plan and manage your projects with this super easy to use gantt software. Inviting your co-workers, teammates, and friends to view and edit your gantt chart is simple and fun!
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12 weeks ago by ferdinandfuchs

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