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The Hidden Costs of Decoupling | Lullabot
Why Can Decoupled Sites Cost More?

1. Decoupling means forgoing Drupal functionality
2. Decoupling is shorthand for Service Oriented Architectures
3. Scalable systems and network effects

Why are decoupled projects unpredictable?

1. The team must be strong developers and testers
2. The organizational culture must prioritize reliable systems over human interactions
3. Hosting complexity
4. Decoupled often means “use a bunch of new nodejs / JavaScript frameworks”

If we invest in Decoupled Drupal, what’s the payoff?

1. A JavaScript front end?
2. Faster development?
3. Multichannel publishing?
4. Scaling large teams?


The most successful decoupled projects are those where everyone is on board—developers, QA, editorial, and stakeholders. […] Decoupling is a technical architecture that doesn’t work well when the business isn’t buying in as well.
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5 weeks ago by Stolzenhain
On Quiet Developers – Seán Hanson – Medium
[Community engagement] stands in diametric opposition to diversity initiatives empowering minorities and oppressed groups, and ultimately serves as a proxy for discriminatory hiring practices.
Rather than labeling others as outsiders, we should view ourselves as outsiders. In doing so, we learn to respect and admire others, and further empower people to define their own contributions rather than us defining their contributions on their behalf.
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6 weeks ago by Stolzenhain
Contact hypothesis - Wikipedia
If one has the opportunity to communicate with others, they are able to understand and appreciate different points of views involving their way of life. As a result of new appreciation and understanding, prejudice should diminish.
Contact situations need to be long enough to allow this anxiety to decrease and for the members of the conflicting groups to feel comfortable with one another.
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6 weeks ago by Stolzenhain
Small Functions considered Harmful – Cindy Sridharan – Medium
I’ve worked on codebases inherited from folks who’d internalized this idea to such an unholy extent that the end result was pretty hellish and entirely antithetical to all the good intentions the road to it was paved with.
The best abstraction is an abstraction that optimizes for good enough, not perfect. That’s a feature, not a bug. Understanding this very salient nature of abstractions is the key to designing good ones.
Interrupting my flow of reasoning with aVeryVeryLongFuncNameAndArgList is a jarring disruption. This is especially true when the function being called is actually a one-liner that can be easily inlined
Simple code isn’t necessarily the easiest code to write, and rarely is it ever the DRYest code. It takes an enormous amount of careful thought, attention to detail and care to arrive at the simplest solution that is both correct and easy to reason about.
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7 weeks ago by Stolzenhain
Startseite: GPM Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement
Verein zur Förderung des Projektmanagements, insbesondere der Aus- und Weiterbildung sowie der Forschung und Information auf diesem Gebiet
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july 2017 by tbweb

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