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Forth: The Hacker’s Language (2017) | Hacker News
aidenn0 3 hours ago [-]

I don't use forth personally, but it is at a very interesting corner of the envelope.
I find it both easier to implement than C and easier to develop in than C, while being nearly as fast as C, and often lower footprint than C. It's a really good language for "I really don't want to write in assembly, but there are no decent HLLs already implemented for my target"

fun_in_programming  Forth  Programming_Language 
14 days ago by snearch
Boomerang: A bidirectional programming language for ad-hoc data
“Every lens program, when read from left to right, describes a function that maps an input to an output; when read from right to left, the very same program describes a "backwards" function that maps a modified output, together with the original input, back to a modified input.”
boomerang  text  programming_language 
9 weeks ago by Sylphe
The Zig Programming Language
Zig is a general-purpose programming language designed for robustness, optimality, and maintainability.
zig_programming  programming_language 
9 weeks ago by hersh.verthun
Minimal Scheme Implementation for use as an Extension Language
lisp  c  scheme  programming_language 
9 weeks ago by zhouyiwan
Ferret is a functional, lazy language designed to be used in real time embedded control systems.
It is heavily inspired by Clojure both syntactically and semantically.
clojure  c++  lisp  programming_language 
9 weeks ago by zhouyiwan

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