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So just how fast are channels anyway?
In January 2017, in Go, it turns out, not very fast. Certainly not fast enough to be your language's one blessed way of conveniently communicating between threads.
go  golang  searing-indictment  computers  programming 
1 hour ago by twic
Welcome to MRAN . MRAN
R is the world’s most powerful programming language for statistical computing, machine learning and graphics and has a thriving global community of users, developers and contributors.
programming  statistics  R 
1 hour ago by andyhuey
Download . MRAN
Microsoft R Open, the enhanced distribution of R from Microsoft, is a complete and free open source platform for statistical analysis and data science.
programming  statistics  R 
1 hour ago by andyhuey
Software Reflections: Mobile Smalltalk
I've been announcing the Open Beta release of my game HexSolve for Android and iOS.  HexSolve was written in Smalltalk and people have been asking me how it's possible to run Smalltalk on mobile devices.  I thought I'd write up a little description of the technology behind it.
programming  smalltalk  ios  android  howto 
2 hours ago by masukomi

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