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Liinks - Free landing page for your links, with super powers.
Hot new product on Product Hunt: Liinks — Free landing page for your links, with super powers
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4 hours ago by Soc201
The optimization trap: what you give up when you hustle - The Verge
In 2017, Ben Friedman, a Harvard economist, published a paper that explained why. “Keynes was right (so far) about output per capita, but wrong about the workweek,” he wrote. “The key reason is that he failed to allow for changing distribution. With widening inequality, median income (and therefore the income of most families) has risen, and is now rising, much more slowly than he anticipated.”

That means: we’re working harder for less now because the people who have more have so much more. The economy is optimized to push gains to the top. The whole point of personal optimization, on the other hand, is to increase your productivity in this system, to work harder in a way that mostly does not benefit you — at least not in the end.
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5 hours ago by dirtystylus
Tailwind UI
big library of (vanilla-ish) responsive components (based on tailwind css) from author of nice Refactoring UI vids.

$349, woof. is the quality high enough to blow the eastern europeans out the water?

preview section has a fair number of freebies w/ viewable code
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6 hours ago by inrgbwetrust
A Free Meeting Agenda Template for Work - The Muse
Use our (free!) meeting agenda template to keep your team on task. After all, when people know what to expect in a meeting and next steps, they're more likely to actually get things done. So having an agenda for every meeting is crucial for your team's success.
6 hours ago by renee9656
How to help someone use a computer
Computer people are fine human beings, but they do a lot of harm in the ways they "help" other people with their computer problems.
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7 hours ago by chris.leaman
Hot new product on Product Hunt: Involve — Get behind-the-scenes access to your favorite nonprofits
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9 hours ago by Soc201
StorePreviewer - See What Your App Will Look Like On The App Store
Hot new product on Product Hunt: StorePreviewer — See what your app will look like on the App Store
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9 hours ago by Soc201
Welcome to your New Brain. All of your screenshots, intelligently organized.
Hot new product on Product Hunt: Relephant — All of your screenshots, intelligently organized
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12 hours ago by Soc201
OWLOCR | FrankByte
I upvoted OwlOCR on Product Hunt: Snappy, secure, on-device OCR for MacOS at February 26, 2020 at 05:33AM
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12 hours ago by iamthefury
HTML Prank - Chrome Web Store
I upvoted HTML Prank on Product Hunt: Change content of any page in less time. at February 26, 2020 at 05:32AM
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12 hours ago by iamthefury

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