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2 days ago by ormg
How to Quickly Print All Image Attachments of an Outlook Email on One Page Only
In order to save printer ink and paper, some users wish to print all images attached in an email on one page only, instead of one image per page. Now, this article will share a means to realize it.
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2 days ago by DataNumen
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month printable calendar (with days of the week)
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6 days ago by emmacarlson
Handwriting Matters; Cursive Doesn’t
All writing, not just cursive, is individual, just as all writing involves fine motor skills. That is why, six months into the school year, any first-grade teacher can immediately identify (from print-writing on unsigned work) which student produced it.
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6 days ago by 2joshkyle
raubdruckerin | manhole cover prints on bags & shirts
raubdruckerin is an experimental printmaking project, that uses urban structures like manhole covers, grids, technical objects and other surfaces of the urban landscape, to create unique graphical patterns on streetwear basics, fabrics and paper.
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7 days ago by jonty

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