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Color Library
AMAZING set of colour separation profiles for printing with Riso and spot colours.
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13 hours ago by tribbles
044_2018 – lichtbildprophet
Favorite tweet:

044_2018 Eigene Richtung #mixmedia #print #ishootfilm #believeinfilm #modelwanted

— Lichtbildprophet (@marvin_feinbub) February 13, 2018
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6 days ago by antaldaniel
Simple Print from
Simple Print is intended to be an easy way to produce printable PDFs from web articles. It uses Full-Text RSS and PDF Newspaper to extract the article's content and produce a clean HTML copy. It then relies on Headless Chromium to generate the PDF.

To avoid situations where an article will use an extra printed page for a small overrun, Simple Print produces 3 PDFs with slighly varying font sizes and keeps the copy with the fewest pages and largest font size.

To edit the content before printing, head on over to PDF Newspaper and after entering a URL, select HTML output. You'll then get to edit the content in your browser before printing.

Simple Print will soon be released as a self-hostable package, as part of PDF Newspaper.
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7 days ago by jngo

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