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Trump ridiculed the losers. Now, at home and abroad, he is one of them | Martin Kettle | Opinion | The Guardian []
Trump is unpredictable. This sudden kowtowing to China and its ascendant leader this week could be abandoned as quickly as it has arrived, perhaps as soon as Trump’s visit to Vietnam or the Philippines in the coming days. There is a recent precedent, after all. In the summer, Trump abruptly abandoned his scripted statesmanship over the racist violence in Charlottesville in favour of an attack on anti-racists, and an indulgent defence of the 19th-century pro-slavery Confederacy.

Even so, it is hard to disagree with the Obama-era official Tony Blinken in his assessment that the Trump visit to Beijing showed two leaders heading in very different directions. While Trump builds walls, Blinken wrote this week, Xi builds bridges. While Trump shuns multilateralism and global governance, Xi embraces them. While Trump makes quixotic and backward-looking attempts to reinvent the coal industry, even promoting the role of fossil fuels in this week’s climate-change conference in Bonn, Xi has a 30-year programme designed to ensure China dominates the global economy, including in information technology, robotics and AI.</blockquote
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Frankie Cordeira Jr on Gab: "#PresidentTrump is a #Shill the #zionists and #fre..."
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RT : The Usual Suspects Try To Make It About

Sorry CNN is standing for Respect for our Country &…
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