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Who says Germans have no sense of humor? - Imgur
Who says Germans have no sense of humor? When you gonna build the wall, ? When?
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Give this a read 👉 Straight From The Source – President Trump – YouTube

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Trump Order Could Remove Protections for National Monuments - Scientific American
But Utah's governor and the state's congressional delegation opposed the designation, saying it went against the wishes of citizens eager for development.

Utah Governor Gary Herbert, and Senators Mike Lee and Orin Hatch stood beside Trump as he signed the order. Trump said the lawmakers actively lobbied him for this order.

The Bears Ears area lies near where Texas-based EOG Resources had been approved to drill.

Conservation and tribal groups slammed the order.
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RT : ❤️👉"I've lost friends over my support of ,but my life has changed 4 the better sinc…
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RT : . The more ignores the , the more we accomplish. All the crap doesn't work,…
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