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A React.js based library for creating sleek presentations using JSX syntax (with the ability to live demo your code!)
javascript  presentations  react  browser  powerpoint 
9 days ago by alpinegizmo
Here's How To Align Objects in PowerPoint
Exactly how to align objects in PowerPoint (and a secret to saving up to 40 hours a year doing presentations).
9 days ago by enslrhs82
PowerPoint 2016: Aligning, Ordering, and Grouping Objects
In PowerPoint align objects so they look more appealing and use the PowerPoint order of objects feature to rearrange them how you want.
9 days ago by enslrhs82
Free PowerPoint Presentation Templates and Slides | SlideStore
Choose from hundreds of free powerpoint templates and business decks from our website. Download FREE presentation templates and quality ppt bundles today!
startup_toolbox  startup  presentation  powerpoint  template 
13 days ago by kpieper876
Business Presentation Templates (Free Downloads) by Slidebean
Hundreds of academic and business presentation templates available to
download FREE, created and curated by our professional designers. You can
use our online presentation tools to edit them or download a free PDF
business  startup_toolbox  presentation  template  powerpoint 
13 days ago by kpieper876
Freebies - Slidor
Nous transformons la mise en forme de vos présentations pour améliorer l'impact de votre message. Slidor est une agence PowerPoint.
23 days ago by jccalhoun

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