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My of girl 'Hala' injured in a attack in February pic courte…
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yesterday by miaeaton
Fabian Zbinden: «Bei Paris Hilton zu Hause, das war nicht meine Welt» | Focus - SRF
Die Liebe sei der Faden, an dem entlang sein Leben verläuft, sagt Fabian Zbinden. Als Teenager reist er als Yo-Yo-Star um die Welt. Später arbeitet er als Koch in den Restaurants von Hollywood-Ikone Robert De Niro in Miami und Los Angeles. Heute beglückt er Bern mit bodenständigem Streetfood.
Koch  Schweiz  Portrait  News  Streetfood 
5 days ago by Einfach_Essen
Russlands Staatsfeind Nummer eins – Republik
Das russische Internet steht kopf, seitdem Moskau versucht, den Kurznachrichtendienst Telegram zu blockieren. Wer ist Telegram-Gründer Pawel Durow, der als «russischer Zuckerberg» gilt?
telegram  portrait 
6 days ago by SimonHurtz
No more tears. – Mr. Marc Morel
family snap I made at Werribee Mansion for my primary school chum Kate. I knew I wanted the Mansion in shot for context, so I asked them to stand in a spot shaded by a tree, and then shot away with two flashes (one low, camera left, and one higher, camera right, and at one stop higher power than the other). The ambient light of the sun lights the background, and the family is artificially lit, and hopefully smiling at my excellent jokes, rather than crying from the sunshine.
strobist  portrait  lighting 
10 days ago by bwiese
The photo collages in Kensuke Koike’s ongoing series "No More, No Less" are ... rearranging ordinary faces into something completely bizarre.
photography  portrait  abstract  art 
27 days ago by tiredoldfellow
Adolph Reed in the Village Voice, Oct 26, 1999
"Adolph Reed lives to piss off people"
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27 days ago by levleviev

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