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Spotify statt Spex: Ist die Popkritik am Ende?
Es diskutieren: Max Dax - Publizist, ehemaliger Chefredakteur des Magazins "Spex", Berlin Prof. Dr. Thomas Hecken - Germanist und Poptheoretiker, Universität Siegen Daniel Koch - Journalist, ehemaliger Chefredakteur des Magazins "Intro", Berlin Gesprächsleitung: Norbert Lang

MP3: https://avdlswr-a.akamaihd.net/swr/swr2/forum/2018/12/swr2-forum-20181212-ist-die-popkritik-am-ende.m.mp3

[audio src="https://avdlswr-a.akamaihd.net/swr/swr2/forum/2018/12/swr2-forum-20181212-ist-die-popkritik-am-ende.m.mp3"]
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13 hours ago by walt74
Index of /~hauben/music/rave
the late michael hauben's notes about raving in nyc in the 90s
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yesterday by driscoll
Philip Ball reviews ‘Something in the Blood’ by David J. Skal, ‘The Cambridge Companion to ‘Dracula’’ edited by Roger Luckhurst and ‘The Vampire’ by Nick Groom · LRB 25 October 2018
‘There is a semi-heroic, Everyman quality about his intense command of the mediocre,’ the critic Ludovic Flow wrote, ‘as if the commonplace had found a champion who could wear its colours with all the ceremony of greatness.’
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yesterday by soobrosa
A Response to Yuval Harari's 'Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind' > C. R. Hallpike
Summing up the book as a whole, one has often had to point out how surprisingly little he seems to have read on quite a number of essential topics. It would be fair to say that whenever his facts are broadly correct they are not new, and whenever he tries to strike out on his own he often gets things wrong, sometimes seriously.
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7 days ago by soobrosa
Self control is overrated. Willpower is too. - Vox
Behavioural applied - a good one on delayed gratificatins and why this works or not.
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7 days ago by paunit
Joni 75 | Green Belt of Sound
Heute wird die kanadische Singer/Songwriterin Joni Mitchell 75 Jahre jung. Halb so alt wie ihr Land scheint sie doch die ganze Geschichte Kanadas in ihren Liedern zu fassen: Die Weite der manitobischen Prärie, die kreativen Folk-Brutstätten von Queensville im Norden von Toronto, die einsame Küste von British Columbia. Und natürlich auch all ihre anderen Reisen, die sich in dieser wunderbaren alten Seele widerspiegeln, von den griechischen Inseln über Paris und New Yorks Chelsea bis nach Kalifornien.
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13 days ago by navegador
(5) POP/STARS - Opening Ceremony Presented by Mastercard | Finals | 2018 World Championship - YouTube
All-girl virtual in-game pop band K/DA composed of four female League of Legends characters: Ahri, Akali, Evelynn and Kai’Sa and their real-life counterparts performed onstage using augmented reality at the stadium in front of 20,000 fans during the big League of Legends 2018 World Finals Opening Ceremony. They might be onto something with over 13M views and 16K comments.
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13 days ago by apolaine

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