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file io - Python truncate lines as they are read - Stack Overflow
Read and act on lines in a file, then empty the file.

with open('myfile.txt', 'rw+') as file:
for line in file:
python  read  lines  file  edit  pop 
13 days ago by christianmlong
Get caught up on K-pop in 60 minutes - Joshua Calixto
This is a good primer.
In the United States, the designation of “boy band” or “girl group” carries a colossal heft, and by default, groups of young men or women who sing and dance are often dismissed as teenybopper trash. This is, above all, reductive: Listen to Destiny’s Child at any point in their run or browse through any of The Beatles’ early catalog, and it should go without saying that even group pop acts can be as artistically viable as their solo counterparts.

To dismiss the group act as an institution based on what it looked like 20 years ago is to ignore the immense progress that international pop groups have made in the decades since they fell out of the mainstream. [...]
There is a dire need for a critical mindset that evaluates foreign art based on what it is and doesn’t ignore it based on where it came from.
kpop  music  pop 
21 days ago by littlerhymes
'You can't judge a generation's taste': making Now That’s What I Call Music
This month sees the 100th edition of the famed (and still bestselling) album. How do you capture musical moments – one Bieber track at a time?
music  business  curation  nostalgia  mixtapes  pop 
25 days ago by coldbrain

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