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Why Troye Sivan’s Success Marks a Milestone for Queer Pop | Pitchfork
Mainstream U.S. media currently celebrates queer bodies but hasn’t shown the same respect for queer music since the lesbian rock wave of the ’90s and the gay synth-pop boom of the ’80s. It’s bizarre that Radio Disney shows more love for Sivan and his lesbian peers like Tegan & Sara or Hayley Kiyoko than most adult stations generate for Monáe or Perfume Genius or John Grant.
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MC01: Weird Science with Shawn O'Sullivan by Magick City | Free Listening on SoundCloud
MC01: Weird Science with Shawn O'Sullivan by Magick City Live recording of Shawn O'Sullivan's DJ set at Weird Science; Sunday July 22, 2018. A member of Led Er Est, Civil Duty and Further Reductions. "Shawn O'Sullivan knows more about dance music than you—all kinds of dance music. Check him out spinning records from the weirder corners of his collection on a Sunday afternoon. - Resident Advisor"
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