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totally got caught by this as Hanさん's theme song
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3 days ago by cluebucket
This Professor Has Documented 2,000 Soda Machines in Video Games - Waypoint
In 2016, Marshall University professor Jason Morrissette was playing Batman: Arkham Knight. While sneaking around the shadows, Morrissette stumbled upon a soda machine. Like many games, Akrham Knight doesn’t feature any real-life soda products; that’d cost money.
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6 days ago by therourke
The Need for Authenticity: Customer Engagement & Content Marketing
RT : The Need for Authenticity: Customer Engagement & Content Marketing - Search Engine People (blog)
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23 days ago by ormg
Crazy ShCockroach Prank Shawn while Plowing Chocolate and Candies
Crazy Cockroach Prank Shawn while Plowing Chocolate and Candies video is an awesome for kids. Shawn used plow truck to plow the chocolate and candies to dump them into Tonka truck and road ripper truck.
Crazy  Cockroach  Prank  Shawn  Plowing  Chocolate  Candy  Fun  Toys  Toy  Cars  Trucks  ToysChannel  Toyr  Review  m  &  m's  Lolly  Pop 
23 days ago by ChoCho12

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