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New TSA Policy May Lead to Increased Scrutiny of Reading Material
QUOTE in 2010 the ACLU sued on behalf of a man who was abusively interrogated, handcuffed, and detained for nearly five hours because he was carrying a set of Arabic-language flash cards and a book critical of U.S. foreign policy. We also know that the DHS database known as the “Automated Targeting System,” which tracks information on international travelers, has included notations in travelers’ permanent files about controversial books in their possession.
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UKMT General Elextravaganza 2017: Lord Buckethead would have won - The Something Awful Forums
So being an island and not having thousands of miles of unpopulated wasteland to hide missile silos in, the nuclear weapons program of the United Kingdom is entirely submarine-based. This is known as Trident. Trident serves, in theory, nuclear deterrence and first-strike purposes in the same manner as any other sub nuclear program--missile subs are almost impossible to locate, so if they want to launch, they likely will.

The main flaw here is that Trident as a program is never, ever going to be capable of Mutually Assured Destruction threat to the UK's most likely nuclear-armed adversary, Russia, which has roughly 7,000 warheads to the UK's 215 declared. On top of that, that 215 is the stockpile; the active number is about 120, AND, there are only four Vanguard-class submarines, which can each carry only sixteen missiles at a pop. Theoretically each missile can carry 12 warheads, but the subs themselves only carry 48 as of 1998.

All that make your head spin? Here's the short version: the UK's nuclear arsenal is only good for one of three purposes:

-Limited tactical strikes, if you're Douglas Fucking MacArthur
-An initial fuck-you strike, since the system as a whole doesn't have the numbers to knock out a nation's retaliatory capabilities
-A retaliatory fuck-you strike

In short, Trident doesn't actually realistically defend the UK from anything, unless you're expecting to fight France again sometime soon. Trident has absolutely no capacity to convince Russia to not turn the entire British Isles into a radioactive parking lot if they want to. They're only good for exacting bloody revenge on a civilian population.

This is not the kind of math most people like to do, because it makes them realize that they don't even have a diplomatic defense against potential nuclear war from Trident. So most people want to be absolutely reassured that if the worst happens, the fuck-you strike WILL go out, because fuck you.

Jeremy Corbyn does not believe in fuck-you strikes, because Jeremy Corbyn is a pacifist and a nuclear disarmament proponent. As such, Corbyn has suggested or maybe outright said (I don't remember) that he would not order the fuck-you strike if Britain was nuked, because there would be no point to it other than fuck you. This has made some people very angry, because retribution is a key element of the human mindset, particularly when something as horrific as nuclear war is involved. But Corbyn's argument is that nuclear war is so horrific, there's no point in making it even worse just for the sake of going fuck you.

This is why he's opposed to Trident.
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New U.K. Government Held Together by Fear — of a Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn
I just starred New U.K. Government Held Together by Fear — of a Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn on Inoreader http://ift.tt/2tewD4j
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