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YouTube -- Styxhexenhammer666: British School Cancels LGBT Courses Over Outrage from Muslim Parents
'After weeks of protesting, where islamic radicals were joined by christian fundies to try and ban a curriculum which taught about alternative romantic lifestyles.' -- https://medium.com/incerto/the-most-intolerant-wins-the-dictatorship-of-the-small-minority-3f1f83ce4e15
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7 days ago by adamcrowe
Daily Mail -- Fire service is accused of discrimination amid claims it has made entry tests harder for white men
'...A fire service has been accused of discrimination after it was claimed that white men have to score higher in recruitment tests than women and people from ethnic minorities. -- When applying for a role at West Midlands Fire Service, they have to score 70 per cent in a verbal and numerical reasoning test to get through to the next round. -- But women and people from black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups need only 60 per cent. -- Bosses are also spending £2,500 a month on Facebook adverts targeted specifically at women, a whistleblower has claimed. -- The source, who did not want to be named, said the recruitment programme, introduced in late 2017, cost £100,000 a year. ‘This directly discriminates against white men,’ he said. ‘Not only are they discriminating against large parts of my community, but they are also using huge amounts of public money to do so. -- ‘It’s not fair on the members of the community who rightly expect the best people for the job will be selected to serve on the front line. It’s difficult to swallow knowing people have not been able to achieve their dream careers because they are too white or too male.’ -- The fire service, one of the biggest in the country, wants 60 per cent of new recruits to be women, and 35 per cent to be from black and minority ethnic (BME) groups by 2021, a leaked memo showed. -- The source claimed that, in a bid to reach the target, the pass rate had been altered to make it easier for people from those groups to get through the test.' -- Bigotry of low expectations
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7 weeks ago by adamcrowe
Breitbart -- Delingpole: In Defense of Louis C.K....
'...one of the functions of comedy has always been to let us say the unsayable – and in doing so broach important truths which might otherwise remain concealed or, worse, censored. -- Shakespeare’s Fool in King Lear is one historical example of this. In the guise of jest he is able to spout home truths to his master that, coming from any other servant, would result in whipping or dismissal. -- But this tradition goes back much further than that, at least to the era of the 4th century BC tyrant Dionysius I of Syracuse, who was mercilessly mocked by comic playwrights of the day in a way which, for anyone else, would have resulted in torture and execution. -- Comedy, in other words, is the little man’s (or woman’s) only defense against the excesses of tyranny. -- Louis C.K. – did he but know it – is the heir to this fine tradition. -- And no: I’m really not joking here. The service Louis C.K. is performing to contemporary Western culture is every bit as important as the one those irreverent playwrights performed 2,500 years ago in the era of Dionysius I. -- All that has changed is the nature of the tyranny being mocked. Back then it was the cruel, vain, capricious nature of Dionysius I’s regime. Today it is political correctness. -- One of the primary aims of political correctness is to prevent people speaking freely. More specifically, it is the left’s way of closing down their critics not by besting them in debate but by refusing them permission to speak. -- ... If the job of satire is to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted, then Louis C.K.’s Parkland sketch was bang on the money. -- No comedian, anywhere, would be making light of Parkland if the kids had all kept schtum and not decided to reinvent themselves as crusaders for Social Justice, gun control and the Democrats. The moment they did, then they became fair game for comedians like Louis C.K.'
politicalcorrectness  illiberalism  thoughtpolice  unwarrantedselfimportance  satire 
11 weeks ago by adamcrowe
Breitbart -- Google Removes Ads from British Populist News Site Politicalite
'...A Google spokesman refused to tell Breitbart News the specific policy that Politicalite violated, or why service had not been restored following the site’s voluntary takedown of the article. -- “Our publisher policies govern where and how Google ads may be placed on a publisher’s site.” said the spokesman. “We don’t comment on individual sites, but we enforce our policies vigorously and regularly review sites to ensure compliance. We encourage publishers to appeal any decisions they disagree with.” -- Earlier this month, Breitbart Tech exclusively reported on efforts within Google to remove ad service from Breitbart News. Members of Google’s advertising team trawled Breitbart’s comments section looking for examples of “hate speech” with which to justify a denial of service. -- The same cabal of left-wing Google employees also directed the tech giant’s advertising clients to the Twitter feed of Sleeping Giants, a far-left organization dedicated to attacking the ad revenue of conservative and populist websites by spreading smears to their advertising partners. -- Google is by far the largest player in online advertising, with over 36.2 percent of the digital ads market in 2018. Its closest competitor, Facebook, has 19.3 percent. -- Politicalite says that it has lost 70 percent of its income due to Google’s denial of service. -- Following Google’s decision, online ad platform Taboola also withdrew service from Politicalite, accusing the site’s content of violating its user agreement.'
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12 weeks ago by adamcrowe
Dave Trott's Blog -- TITTER YE NOT
'The world has become like a bad brief' -- '... Recently the University of London invited five comedians to do a charity gig for free. -- It required them to sign a “safe space” contract. -- Agreeing a zero-tolerance policy towards: “Racism, sexism, classism, ageism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, anti-religion or anti-atheism”. -- They had to agree that their act wouldn’t include any jokes that could be interpreted in any of those ways. -- And that’s where we’re at now. -- The world has become like a bad brief – never mind if what you did was any good or not, did you rigidly follow the brand guidelines? -- Because all that’s important is the rules laid down by people who know better. -- Ordinary people cannot be trusted to have an opinion, they need an educated elite to decide how the world should be interpreted.'
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12 weeks ago by adamcrowe
Breitbart -- Khan Calls for Gang Matrix to Be Overhauled as 4 in 5 Named Are Black
'...A review for the London mayor found that three-quarters were under the age of 25 and 80 per cent were black, with the authors saying that it was a higher proportion than were likely to be perpetrators or victims of gang violence, reports The Guardian. -- Alleging potential racial discrimination, the review, published Friday, said, “We must acknowledge the possibility of conscious or unconscious bias against young black males in London – whether the term ‘gang’ is now heavily racially loaded and that this perception that a gang is often comprised of young black males, and ergo that young black males are often in a gang, either directly or unconsciously influences the enforcement focus of the police and subsequent actions of the justice service.” -- ... The Metropolitan Police responded by saying that it “does not believe that the Gangs Matrix directly discriminates against any community and that it reflects the disproportionality of violent offenders and victims of violence that are also described in the report. -- “We are committed to reducing the disproportionate number of young black men who are victims of gang crime.” -- Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Met Operations Duncan Ball was clear to point out that “young black men are disproportionately represented as victims of serious violence and this is an unacceptable position that needs to be addressed. The Matrix helps inform us in doing this.'
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december 2018 by adamcrowe

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