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To calculate the P.C.D. of a five stud wheel or hub, measure 'X' from the inside of one hole to the outside of the next hole and multiply by 1.7012. The table below is a reference guide for some common sizes.

'X' inches 'X' mm P.C.D.
2.351 59.715 4"
2.498 63.449 4¼"
2.645 67.183 4½"
2.792 70.916 4¾"
2.939 74.650 5"
3.233 89.586 6"
3.820 97.028 6½"
2.314 58.779 100 mm
2.499 63.481 108 mm
2.591 65.832 112 mm
2.777 70.535 120 mm
3.008 76.413 130 mm
3.240 82.290 140 mm
3.703 94.046 160 mm
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World's Largest Startup Company Platform | Startups.co
Nancy Duarte, author and co-founder of Duarte Designs, teaches shares how to give the perfect pitch.
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A training year. Thanks to all clients & supporters who made 2017 amazing. 2018? New book, new online course…
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the last coke in the desert - Anonymous [Archive of Our Own]
Livan could catch curveballs and hit homers in his sleep if he wanted. He'd always been able to, and didn't see the point in pretending otherwise. Even when he remembered the bitter way his teammates used to mutter about him: "Él cree la ultima coca-cola nel desierto." So what if he did? He was better than them.

Couldn't hurt his feelings with the truth.
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but i need to tell you something - Anonymous [Archive of Our Own]
Ginny rolls her eyes and whacks lightly at Livan’s shoulder before sliding a rubber band off her wrist and tying back her hair. “You love it.”

Livan grins at her, and his dimples should be illegal. “You know I do.”
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Why it’s time to switch off The Apprentice, and ditch pitch culture | André Spicer | Opinion | The Guardian
He observed that teams who focused on developing a sound business tended to do well. But teams who spent their time developing a good pitch tended to fail.
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What Makes a Good Random Inbound / Cold Email to an Investor?
Hi Stephen,
Problem: There is a Problem.
Solution: We built a solution.
Traction: We have done [X] and we think we can do [Y].
Raising: We are raising an [ABC] round.
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How to Pitch Your App to Investors - Appster
The 3 stages of pitching - deck creation, pitch delivery and follow-up.
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