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Vidhi Doshi on Twitter: pitching advice
Still thinking about @Pri_Borpujari’s fixers story. (Reupping here). Thought I’d share my two cents on how local journalists can pitch stories to international media and build their bylines: https://t.co/7cBmAieglq

Includes examples of successful pitches.
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13 days ago by jdmartinsen
Toned Ear
Ear training exercises
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20 days ago by llimllib
17 Pitch Deck Templates Inspired By Real-Life Startups and Businesses [Edit and Download] | Visual Learning Center by Visme
In this article, we’ve put together 17 brilliant pitch deck templates, inspired by real-life startups and successful businesses, to help you attract investors and support for your own company.

Each pitch deck template below by Visme follows the same structure as the actual presentation it takes inspiration from. In fact, we went the extra mile and made it even better!
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23 days ago by jeromekatz

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