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Pinterest pushes into mobile shopping with updated Pins, iOS shortcuts | Mobile Marketer
Pinterest this week introduced several updates to improve the shopper experience on the image-collecting platform. Product Pins show up-to-date pricing and inventory information and also have direct links to a checkout page on a retailer's site to make a purchase, according to a company blog post.
Pinterest also added a shopping recommendations section beneath Style and Home Pins that suggest similar in-stock products personalized to each user. Those who look at images of home decor and fashion items will see a "products like this" section to find products to buy online.
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4 days ago by dancall
Call Me Bubbles | Recipe | Cocktails | Pinterest | Whiskey cocktails, Champagne and Cocktail recipes
Crack out the champa | |

Crack out the champagne for this deliciously refreshing cocktail, made with Jameson Black Barrel and fizz.

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4 days ago by jordanrssmith
Upgrades its Self-Serve Ads Manager With New Features, Reporting, More by
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5 days ago by sodermanmarketing
Introduces New Product Pins and Shopping Recommendations by
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6 days ago by sodermanmarketing
Crochet Timber Log Pillows These really awesome log pillows almost look like the real deal. Introducing the Crochet Timber Log | Crochet | Pinterest
Just Pinned to Crochet: Crochet Timber Log Pillows These really awesome log pillows almost look like the real deal. Introducing the Crochet Timber Log
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6 days ago by ethauvin

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