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Pinterest Product Box
Pinterest is bringing its annual trend report to life with its inaugural Pinterest Box, a collaboration with lifestyle subscription box service FabFitFun.

The box, which was announced at the Cannes Lions festival on Tuesday and will soon be sold on FabFitFun’s site, features items that represent top trends identified in The Pinterest 100 report. The report uses Pinterest user data to spotlight trends in categories including beauty, style, wellness and food.
“This is one of the first times we’ve brought the Pinterest 100 and trends to life in a form [that allows] people to try the items,” Vikram Bhaskaran, head of market development at Pinterest, said. “The Pinterest Box really feels like a board coming to life.”
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Is your growth stagnating? Not anymore! Use these quick and effective tips to 3x your Pinterest followin…
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Pinterest Analytics
Get better at creating Pins and boards with metrics from your Pinterest profile. Learn how people use the Save button on your site to add Pins.
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