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I think this is the shoe I had for years and loved — either a 10 ½ or 11 EE.
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13 hours ago by hutsonh
org-board/README at master · scallywag/org-board
* Motivation

 org-board is a bookmarking and web archival system for Emacs Org
 mode, building on ideas from Pinboard <>. It
 archives your bookmarks so that you can access them even when
 you're not online, or when the site hosting them goes down.
 `wget' is used as a backend for archival, so any of its options
 can be used directly from org-board. This means you can download
 whole sites for archival with a couple of keystrokes, while
 keeping track of your archives from a simple Org file.

* Summary

 In org-board, a bookmark is represented by an Org heading of any
 level, with a `URL' property containing one or more URLs. Once
 such a heading is created, a call to `org-board-archive' creates a
 unique ID and directory for the entry via `org-attach', archives
 the contents and requisites of the page(s) listed in the `URL'
 property using `wget', and saves them inside the entry's
 directory. A link to the (timestamped) root archive folder is
 created in the property `ARCHIVED_AT'. Multiple archives can be
 made for each entry. Additional options to pass to `wget' can be
 specified via the property `WGET_OPTIONS'. The variable
 `org-board-after-archive-functions' (defaulting to nil) holds a
 list of functions to run after each archival operation.
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2 days ago by deprecated
Weekly Links
I'm starting a weekly newsletter, where I'll be posting a very minimal list of the interesting things I've found across the internet.
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2 days ago by chrishannah
Build a Better Monster
A question few are asking is whether the tools of mass surveillance and social control we spent the last decade building could have had anything to do with the debacle of the 2017 election, or whether destroying local journalism and making national journalism so dependent on our platforms was, in retrospect, a good idea.

We built the commercial internet by mastering techniques of persuasion and surveillance that we’ve extended to billions of people, including essentially the entire population of the Western democracies. But admitting that this tool of social control might be conducive to authoritarianism is not something we’re ready to face. After all, we're good people. We like freedom. How could we have built tools that subvert it?
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4 days ago by littlerhymes
Build a Better Monster: Morality, Machine Learning, and Mass Surveillance
The correct way to play Pac Man, of course, is to consume as much as possible while running from the ghosts that relentlessly pursue you. This was a valuable early lesson in what it means to be an American.

It also taught me that technology and ethics aren't so easy to separate, and that if you want to know how a system works, it helps to follow the money.
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5 days ago by twwoodward

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