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Arne Freiherr von Hinkelbein
Mit dieser Präsenz möchte ich einen Beitrag dafür Leisten, um Ihnen die Augen zu öffnen. Dies kann doppeldeutig gesehen werden. Auf der öffentlichen Seite, der weltlichen Seite, ist dies die Welt der Fiktionen, der Denkmodelle in unseren Köpfen, die es zu erklären gilt. Man könnte auch sagen die Welt der Matrix.
Recht  Deutschland  Personen  Mensch  Alternativ  Hinkelbein 
april 2018 by salomon74
Flash Memory History: How CompactFlash Changed Computing
Sanjay Mehrotra, a fellow cofounder and the longtime CEO of SanDisk, explaining to Business Insider the impact his father’s forceful actions in getting Mehrotra a visa from the U.S. government. He was rejected three times before his father reached the head of the consulate and painstakingly made his case. The move ultimately proved life-changing. SanDisk, originally named SunDisk and formed in 1988, was launched by three immigrant founders: Harari, from Israel; Mehrotra, from India; and Jack Yuan, from Taiwan.
While flash memory “wears out” over time, CompactFlash has many of the advantages of modern solid-state drives—i.e., no moving parts, potentially fast transfer speeds—at a lower cost and using a medium that’s still produced in the modern day. It beats using 25-year-old hard drives, that’s for sure
nützlich  Personen  Geschichte  Technik  Hardware  Gesellschaft  Wirtschaft  Recht  Anekdote  interessant  Kultur 
december 2017 by Stolzenhain
Dice - YouTube
Louis Zocchi of Game Science talks about dice physics.
interessant  Geschichte  Spiele  Wirtschaft  Brettspiele  Personen  Interviews 
september 2017 by Stolzenhain
That Wasn’t Mark Twain: How a Misquotation Is Born -
Through one such process, which he labels “textual proximity,” a famous person mistakenly gets credit for a quotation merely by having their name or likeness published close to the words. In another, “ventriloquy,” a statement about an individual’s work is perceived to be so apt that it is eventually confused for their own words.

Both may explain how Anton Chekhov, the Russian writer, became associated with the saying: “Any idiot can face a crisis, it’s the day-to-day living that wears you out,” as outlined on Mr. Sullivan’s website and, now, in his book.
interessant  Medien  Literatur  Wissenschaft  Nachschlagewerke  Bücher  Personen  Geschichte  Interviews 
april 2017 by Stolzenhain
Game Over, Uwe Boll | Vanity Fair
He was aware he was churning out, in his own words, “commercial crap” for “horny teenage boys”: “You feel the failure already in front of you.” He struggled to muster the enthusiasm to do publicity and was repulsed by the heaving masses of fanboys at Comic-Con. “I was standing there looking at the people and I was thinking, What the fuck? They’re on drugs or something? Ridiculous.”
interessant  Medien  Film  Personen  Kreation  Meinungen  Interviews 
april 2017 by Stolzenhain
Adelheid Kastner: "Wut fördert die Lebendigkeit" -
Ich plädiere dafür, dass man wütend sein darf und das auch wahrnehmen soll. Das ist für mich eine wesentliche Rückmeldung und Information. Irgendetwas geht mir fürchterlich gegen den Strich und überschreitet meine Toleranzgrenzen. Dann sollte man sich überlegen, was man damit macht. Es kann durchaus sinnvoll sein zu sagen, so geht es jetzt nicht mehr.
interessant  Meinungen  Personen  Kommunikation  Kultur  Gesellschaft  Interviews 
july 2016 by Stolzenhain
The Singular Vision of Videogame Designer Jeff Vogel :: Monthly :: Features :: Paste
At the age of 24, Jeff Vogel was working on a PhD in applied mathematics and fiddling around with Exile: Escape From The Pit. After shareware release, Vogel abandoned the PhD in favor of the greener (or maybe more fulfilling) world of independent game development in the tail end of the 20th century.
Vogel has an uncompromising aesthetic vision that returns to these same ideas of imprisonment, rebellion and triumph over systemic forces
Jeff Vogel is the videogame version of John Waters, Mark Kozelek, Evan Dorkin or Jandek. While the vagaries of time have placed him, variously, in the limelight and in the back seat, his gradual increase in profile has not compromised the singular modes of creation that make his artistic products fundamentally about him.
interessant  Personen  Rollenspiele  Spiele  Geschichte  Computer  Rezensionen 
june 2016 by Stolzenhain
Never mind the bus pass: punks look back at their wildest days | Music | The Guardian
I’m sure my 20-year-old self would look at me and shout, “Sellout!” But I don’t feel like a sellout. I’m just older and wiser. I’m 55 now. I’m old, fat and bald.
interessant  Musik  Gesellschaft  Personen  Geschichte  Punk  Meinungen  Anekdote  Interviews 
may 2016 by Stolzenhain
The original jQuery source code, released Jan 14th, 2006 at BarCamp NYC
I guess it took me a little bit to develop the now-preferred ‘jQuery’ capitalization! I originally called this library “JSelect” (for selecting elements out of the page, plus it started with JS, which was nice). However the domain name wasn’t available, thus I had to find another name.
nützlich  Geschichte  Javascript  UI  Personen  Meinungen  Libraries  jQuery 
march 2016 by Stolzenhain
Horizontal History - Wait But Why
Historische Personen nach Jahrzehnten und Lebenszeit aufgeschlüsselt.
Geschichte  Personen  Geburtsjahre  via:popular 
january 2016 by rauschen
Hermes Phettberg über das Al­lein­sein: „Alle waren weg, nur ich war da“ -
taz: Aber sprechen wir über Politik. Viele Menschen haben Angst im Moment, der politischen Lage wegen.
Hermes Phettberg: Ich nicht.
taz: Nicht?
Hermes Phettberg: Wenn jetzt viele aus Syrien kommen, sind ja auch viele Jeansboys dabei!
interessant  Personen  Pop  Gesellschaft  Österreich  Trash  Meinungen  Interviews 
january 2016 by Stolzenhain
Robert Crumb Hates You
I don’t miss that culture. The America that I missed died in about 1935. That’s why I have all this old stuff, all these old 78 records from that era. It was the golden age of recorded music, before the music business poisoned the people’s music, the same way that ‘agribusiness’ poisoned the very soil of the earth.
interessant  Medien  Personen  Meinungen  Gesellschaft  Kunst  Comics  Interviews 
october 2015 by Stolzenhain
Haunted By Data
This is the text version of a talk I gave on October 1, 2015, at the Strata+Hadoop World conference in New York City. The video version is here (20 mins).
You're thinking, okay Maciej, your twelve minutes of sophistry and labored analogies have convinced me that my entire professional life is a lie. What should I do about it?
interessant  nützlich  Gesellschaft  Technik  Web  Sicherheit  Vortrag  Personen  Ökonomie  Meinungen 
october 2015 by Stolzenhain
Zum Tode Hellmuth Karaseks | TITANIC – Das endgültige Satiremagazin
Schließlich wurde Karasek sogar Ohrenbläser von Reich-Ranicki im "Literarischen Quartett", einer Sendung, in der es darum ging, einer Frau namens Sigrid Löffler in möglichst blumigen Worten Frigidität und Altschachteligkeit vorzuwerfen.
interessant  Personen  Literatur  Humor  Geschichte  Gesellschaft  1990s 
september 2015 by Stolzenhain
Nancy Reagan and Mr. T
Nancy Reagan and Mr. T at the White House Christmas party, 1983.
interessant  Pop  Personen  1980s  US  Foto  Trash  Retro 
september 2015 by Stolzenhain

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