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Load Testing tool, developer centric open source for integrated performance testing
k6 is a developer centric open source load testing tool for testing the performance of your backend infrastructure. It’s built with Go and JavaScript to integrate well into your development workflow, so you can stay on top of performance without fuzz.
go  golang  programming  performance  load  testing  tools  http  web 
39 minutes ago by sschank
How to Passthrough Harddrives, Convert Disks and test Vdisk Performance in unRAID VMs - YouTube
How to Passthrough Harddrives, Convert Disks and test Vdisk Performance in unRAID VMs
Passthrough  Harddrives  Convert  Disks  and  test  Vdisk  Performance  in  unRAID  VMs 
1 hour ago by kilroy2
96-core NanoPi Fire3 cluster computer blows past RPi rigs in benchmarks
The Odroid-MC1 products are primarily designed to run Docker Swarm. Many of the cluster systems are designed to run Docker or other cloud-based software. Last year Alex Ellis, for example, posted a tutorial on creating a Serverless Raspberry Pi cluster that runs Docker and the OpenFaaS framework. Indeed, as with edge computing devices running modified versions of cloud software, such as AWS Greengrass, cluster computers based on SBCs show another example of how the embedded and enterprise server worlds are interacting in interesting new ways using Linux.
Raspi  cluster  performance  cloud  MPI 
10 hours ago by euler
How to drop 10 million packets per second
おー、tc とか XDP も出てきて勉強になる。
cloudflare  linux  kernel  network  performance 
12 hours ago by summerwind
Delivering WordPress in 7KB
I decided to challenge myself to see how efficiently I could package a WordPress website. And so, is born. With its accompanying theme, Susty. I'm rather chuffed to say I managed to get the load of the homepage down to 7KB of data transfer.
fridayfrontend  css  wordpress  sustainability  performance  environmental  themes 
yesterday by spaceninja

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