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Facebook and Apple can’t agree on terms, so Facebook’s subscription tool will only launch on Android phones • Recode
Peter Kafka:
<p>Facebook’s effort to help media companies sell subscriptions has hit a snag: Apple.

The two companies are butting heads over Facebook’s plan for a new subscription tool in its mobile app. The tool will put paywalls around some articles in Facebook’s news feed, and then send users to publishers’ sites to buy subscriptions.

The issue: Apple wants to take as much as 30 percent of any subscription revenue Facebook helps generate. Facebook wants all of the money to go to publishers.

People familiar with both companies say they’ve been discussing the impasse for months. In the meantime, Facebook says it is rolling out a version of the subscription tool that will work on Android phones in the next few weeks; it says it will work with publishers including the Washington Post, Hearst and Tronc.

That tool will allow publishers to use two kinds of paywalls around “Instant Articles” that Facebook hosts on its mobile apps — a “metered” version, which turns on after Facebook users have read 10 of the publisher’s articles in a month, and a “freemium” version, where publishers can put paywalls around individual articles.

In both cases, users who hit the paywall will be sent to the publisher’s site to sign up for a subscription.</p>

Apple's 30% thing is becoming quite the problem. I suspect it wants to do this through Apple News, not let Facebook get all the glory - and data.
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The preprint dilemma | Science
Would <3 to read this from but . (if only there were preprint!) The dilemma
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How to Set Up a Paywall on Your WordPress Site (Why You Should)
Various Paywall Models

Not all paywalls are the same. There are varying kinds based on the type of content that is being locked and the overall business model of the site. Here are four of the most popular paywall models.

1. Pay-Per-View

The Pay-Per-View model is exactly what it sounds like. Visitors are shown the title of the article, as well as the lede or an abstract if it’s a scholarly piece, and prompted for payment if they want to read it.

This model is generally reserved for sites that feature research information that’s in some level of demand. A medical journal offering articles about correlations between certain behaviors and health issues would probably opt for this model. That’s because visitors to the site are often there to read only one article for research purposes. There are not too many people who “browse” medical journals.

2. Free for a Time

This model gives visitors free access to the site for a specific period of time (maybe a month) before requiring a subscription. This way, visitors can get an idea of the type of content that’s on the site before they decide to pay for it.

3. Subscription

The subscription model is just as it sounds. People pay a fee and get unlimited access to the site for a period of time. Once the subscription runs out, the content is locked for that person unless he or she renews the subscription.

4. Metered Paywall

The metered paywall solution is popular with some well-known companies. For example, The Washington Post allows just five articles per month for free before requiring a subscription. If you browse a couple of articles at the site, you should see a pop-up window appear in the lower left-hand corner of your browser that will warn you that you can only read a few more articles before you have to subscribe. The metered paywall is another model that enables visitors to get an idea about the type of content being offered before making the financial commitment to read it regularly.
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The death of the internal combustion engine – The Economist – Medium
The death of the internal combustion engine It had a good run. But the end is in sight for the machine that changed the world“Human inventiveness…has still not found a mechanical process to replace horses as the propulsion for vehicles,” lamented Le Petit Journal, a French newspaper, in December 1893.
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