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Service-oriented architecture - Wikipedia
These services and their corresponding consumers communicate with each other by passing data in a well-defined, shared format, or by coordinating an activity between two or more services.[8]

A manifesto was published for service-oriented architecture in October, 2009. This came up with six core values which are listed as follows:[9]

Business value is given more importance than technical strategy.
Strategic goals are given more importance than project-specific benefits.
Intrinsic inter-operability is given more importance than custom integration.
Shared services are given more importance than specific-purpose implementations.
Flexibility is given more importance than optimization.
Evolutionary refinement is given more importance than pursuit of initial perfection.
SOA can be seen as part of the continuum which ranges from the older concept of distributed computing[7][10] and modular programming, through SOA, and on to current practices of mashups, SaaS, and cloud computing (which some see as the offspring of SOA).[11]

There are no industry standards relating to the exact composition of a service-oriented architecture, although many industry sources have published their own principles. Some of these[12][13][14][15] include the following:

Standardized service contract
Services adhere to a standard communications agreements, as defined collectively by one or more service-description documents within a given set of services.
Service reference autonomy (an aspect of loose coupling)
The relationship between services is minimized to the level that they are only aware of their existence.
Service location transparency (an aspect of loose coupling)
Services can be called from anywhere within the network that it is located no matter where it is present.
Service longevity
Services should be designed to be long lived. Where possible services should avoid forcing consumers to change if they do not require new features, if you call a service today you should be able to call the same service tomorrow.
Service abstraction
The services act as black boxes, that is their inner logic is hidden from the consumers.
Service autonomy
Services are independent and control the functionality they encapsulate, from a Design-time and a run-time perspective.
Service statelessness
Services are stateless, that is either return the requested value or give an exception hence minimizing resource use.
Service granularity
A principle to ensure services have an adequate size and scope. The functionality provided by the service to the user must be relevant.
Service normalization
Services are decomposed or consolidated (normalized) to minimize redundancy. In some, this may not be done, These are the cases where performance optimization, access, and aggregation are required.[16]
Service composability
Services can be used to compose other services.
Service discovery
Services are supplemented with communicative meta data by which they can be effectively discovered and interpreted.
Service reusability
Logic is divided into various services, to promote reuse of code.
Service encapsulation
Many services which were not initially planned under SOA, may get encapsulated or become a part of SOA.
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Learning JavaScript Design Patterns
An open-source book on JavaScript Design Patterns
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The Wetware Crisis: the Dead Sea effect : Bruce F. Webster
Mildly bogus metric since the argument is that good staff retention is rare.
However, it does reflect the reality that most orgs do not effectively promote IT staff so they have to move on.
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