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🏆👗You can make this dress at home on your 3d printer👗🏆 the 3d files are on my
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4 days ago by todbot
In 1983, four people were murdered in a home in Chino Hills, Calif.
Maybe in the grand scheme of things, the fate of one man on death row doesn’t seem so important; innumerable people die tragically every day. Yet we aspire to be a nation where we are all equal before the law, and if we execute a man in so flawed a case without even bothering to test the evidence rigorously, then a piece of our justice system dies along with Kevin Cooper.

Governor Brown, if you’re reading this, I understand that you may believe that Cooper is guilty. But other smart people, including federal judges and law school deans, believe him innocent. So how can you possibly execute him without even allowing advanced DNA testing, at the defense’s expense, to resolve the doubt? What’s your argument for refusing to allow testing?
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6 days ago by rosscatrow
The rise of Patreon – the website that makes Jordan Peterson $80k a month | Technology | The Guardian
In five years, online membership service Patreon has attracted two million patrons supporting 100,000 ‘creators’ to the tune of $350m – including nearly $1m a year for rightwing psychologist Jordan Peterson. So what’s the secret of its success?
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9 days ago by Freiner
Duplex shows Google failing at ethical and creative AI design
While trickster AIs might bring to mind the iconic Turing Test — where chatbot developers compete to develop conversational software capable of convincing human judges it’s not artificial — it should not.

Because the application of the Duplex technology does not sit within the context of a high profile and well understood competition. Nor was there a set of rules that everyone was shown and agreed to beforehand (at least so far as we know — if there were any rules Google wasn’t publicizing them). Rather it seems to have unleashed the AI onto unsuspecting business staff who were just going about their day jobs. Can you see the ethical disconnect?
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14 days ago by rosscatrow
Math Can’t Solve Everything: Questions We Need To Be Asking Before Deciding an Algorithm is the Answer
Eubanks explains that algorithms can provide “emotional distance” from difficult societal problems by allowing machines to make difficult policy decisions for us—so we don’t have to. But some decisions cannot, and should not, be delegated to machines. We must not use algorithms to avoid making difficult policy decisions or to shirk our responsibility to care for one another. In those contexts, an algorithm is not the answer. Math alone cannot solve deeply-rooted societal problems, and attempting to rely on it will only reinforce inequalities that already exist in the system.
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16 days ago by rosscatrow
If you enjoy my tweets or my writing, please consider supporting my .

Membership begins at $1/month but I…
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27 days ago by kitoconnell
Engineering Levels
This document outlines common expectations and examples of an engineer's skills and responsibilities at each level. It is intended for individual reference and for discussion between engineers and their managers. Please use this as a guide, not a checklist — not every item will apply to every engineer. Levels are cumulative. Each subsequent level encompasses those preceding it. All engineers at all levels are expected to embody Patreon's Core Behaviors. This document presents a matrix of possibilities for career growth, not merely a one-way ladder. Careers may include lateral movement, and there is no expectation that every engineer seek nor attain every level. There is room for growth, development, recognition, and a rich engineering career at different levels. While movement will vary by individual — particularly as seniority increases — we do expect that most IC1s should progress to IC2 within 2 years, IC2 to IC3 within 3 years. An engineer may have a mix of skill levels across the different categories (e.g. IC4 in communication, IC3 in technical skills). Patreon aims to ensure that each engineer is recognized at the most accurate level for their unique skill set and contributions.
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4 weeks ago by dlkinney
RT : Immortalize yourself with your name in the pages of Linux Journal, where we will give you thanks for your
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5 weeks ago by ZacharyAKlein
Inks for a commission for a backer (a match for last month's drawing)
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5 weeks ago by yeri
Patreon charges patrons 35 cents fee for new $1 pledges -
Up until recently, if someone wanted to make let’s say a $1 monthly pledge to a creator, they were billed $1 at the end of each month, plus any tax (e.g. EU VAT). Patreon deducted the payment processing fees based on aggregation of pledges before it reached the creators.  Now let’s see what happens if someone tries setting up a new $1 monthly pledge with another creator:
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5 weeks ago by foliovision

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