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How Publishers, Marketers Measure Attention in a Post-Page-View World | Mediashift | PBS
"It’s been said for years that the page view is dead as a way to measure media on the web. Now, finally, there may be a replacement. Advertisers and publishers are increasingly asking if “time” or “attention” — proven time spent engaging with media — can work instead."
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june 2014 by Herbelizer
Media are off their game - Los Angeles Times
Britney is 'web hits, the current fool's gold of the newspaper industry' - best quote so far this year
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january 2008 by ilana
BBC press release about Radio stats - mentions our podcasting trial
The podcasting trial of 'In Our Time' that Mr Webb's been pointing to over at his site gets a good positive push by esteemed leader, Simon Nelson...
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december 2004 by tomcoates

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