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So Theresa May thinks she just needs to look the part… | David Mitchell | Opinion | The Guardian
[ didnt she open her leadership campaign w 'not fillinf columns' dig at bojo, and 'getting on with the job' - will do brexit even I was for remain, ... oh and JAM's and mental health not getting bread crumbs because Spreadsheet philip thinks we can not afford it at all ... Austerity 2.0 ... and there there were the 1000£ leather trouses. ] So I may as well try to look at it from her point of view – summon up some empathy, a term that May herself disdained in the accompanying interview as “a very ‘today’ word”. She’s not completely fashion mad then. She prefers to say “understanding”. Thus the social worker becomes the biologist: while we may empathise with our fellow humans, we merely understand the life cycle of the cockroach.
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Find out how a great rep helped connect with an influencer for a gig.…
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