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How I self-published a book, sold 180,000 copies & 2X’d revenue
Writing a book is a long, lonely, and oftentimes unsuccessful endeavor. My “instant success” was anything but. The Coaching Habit was the result of four years of floundering, rejection, and toil. So you don’t make my mistakes, allow me to share everything I used to vault my book from idea to bestseller (with a table of contents to skip to what you’d like to know).

Part I: The New York publisher, the big-name agent, and misery
Part II: Don’t go it alone: How to assemble a kickass team
Part III: Invest more upfront (and keep more money)
Part IV: How to engineer a bestselling book launch
Part V: No one really knows what they’re doing
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🗳 ésidentielle2017 en France 🇫🇷 : Le taux d'abstention estimé à 22% ⬇️
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RT : The "I don't vote" party would be the largest in parliament. A radical redefining of our democracy starts with ;…
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