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(99+) Role of Educators in Forming of Media Image of Educational Organization: Media Literacy Aspect | Veronica Yarnykh -
Cees van Real & Charles For-brun [1, p.15] notes that corporate communication is a set of activities involved in managing and orchestrat-ing all internal and external communications aimed at creating favorable point of view among stakehold-ers on which the company depends.
2 days ago by dmensing
[rocky] catalog: accurate time-split of aggregated segments by degemer · Pull Request #8751 · DataDog/dd-go
To be able to do s3+spidly queries, rocky needed to be able to determine when data was available for all stores and rules to decide what store to prefer, i.e. a catalog.
Compared to the dogweb catalog, the rocky catalog does things a bit differently:

HDQ from cortado handles the s3/cs3 files catalog (when files are available at what resolution)
it wants to push aggregation to the stores as much as possible instead of gathering all rollup points and then do aggregation, meaning data ...
todo  pr 
4 days ago by gee55
Synergi Partners - Tax Credits and Incentives
hurricanes irma and maria disaster relief => 787-520-7503
pr  puerto  rico  tax  incentive  incentives  credit  credits  planilla  taxes  hacienda  irs 
4 days ago by yencarnacion
Burger King Made a Halloween Sandwich That Literally Gives You Nightmares | Muse by Clio
Here's the spooky Halloween stunt that agency David Miami dreamed up (perhaps literally) for 2018: a new sandwich called the Nightmare King that supposedly has been formulated specifically to give anyone who eats it nightmares. The green bun makes it look creepy, but it's the unusual mix of proteins—beef, chicken, cheese, bacon, mayonnaise and onions—that apparently can really disrupt your sleep patterns. 
pr  challenger  fastfood  brand_burgerking 
5 days ago by JohnDrake
(1) Verás Lo Que Quieras Ver by Brenda Liz Torres - Home
Verás lo que quieras ver by brenda liz torres
| Carretera 846, Esquina 181, Las Cuevas, Trujillo Alto 00976, Puerto Rico
handmade  fan  fans  pr  puerto  rico  art  spanish  abanico  abanicos 
6 days ago by yencarnacion
How To Kick Start A Career in PR by Roniqua Gerald
In this guest post meet Roniqua Gerald, who has managed to carve a successful PR career for herself from scratch. Her story and experiences serve as a useful reminder about the power of persistence and not giving up in pursuit of one’s purpose. If you’re interested in a career in PR or just want to be inspired read Roniqua’s piece and share your thoughts below.
RoniquaGerald  PR  Jobs  Careers  Education  HowTo  Advice  Media 
7 days ago by dk33per
王戴勃:央视记者英国闹场,折射中国外交“亮剑”困局|深度|端传媒 Initium Media
针对宣传工作,习近平强调“敢抓敢管,敢于亮剑”。在外宣系统中,这句话被引申为“必须始终站在党和国家的立场,旗帜鲜明、理直气壮地发出中国声音、阐明中国观点、讲明中国立场,绝不能失语、缺位。”在针对敏感问题时,要“正面交锋、敢于亮剑、坚决批驳、严厉回击,绝不能当左右迎合的‘摇摆人’、态度暧昧的‘两面派’、独善其身的‘老好人’。外宣工作, 需要的是‘战士’,绝不需要‘绅士’。”

china  pr  diplomacy  today 
14 days ago by aries1988

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