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I was working on my plan when Vanessa called and asked if I wanted to meet for a coffee. Of course, I said y…
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february 2018 by mgifford
Blog post: Reclaiming my blog as my thought space
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february 2018 by electroponix
Saving Links to My Site With a Bookmarklet - TimKadlec.com
Tim with an excellent overview of how he posts links to his site via a bookmarklet and the GitHub API.
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february 2018 by beep
To PESOS or to POSSE? | Dries Buytaert
A really good piece by Dries about personal publishing models for your own content and snippets.

(hat tip Jeremy Keith)
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february 2018 by vanderwal
Chaque blog lancé sur un domaine perso est une petite victoire contre la centralisation !
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november 2017 by xtof

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